The Most Lovable Story Ever between Man and Wild

There’s never been a story that could be more endearing, affable and winning than this one. The tale dates back to 1969 when a lion, Christian was adopted at a very young age by 2 men, John Rendall and Anthony Bourke and had to be introduced to the forests as he grew bigger in size.

One year later, the duo decided to pay him a visit to see if their beloved pet still remembered them. After many warnings and cautions, they thought of giving it a go. What followed was a mesmerizing tale of love, devotion and affection.

The lion embraced them with extreme fondness, and so did his two lionesses. It’s incredible what animals do and feel to teach us that they are very much human, and at times, more human than human beings themselves. They remind us that love is never lost, that this world is a beautiful place to live in and that honesty and purity of soul are to be chiefly valued. Some bonds can be more than just fulfilling.