The Most Influential Painters Of All Times!

Leonardo Da Vinci (1452 to 1519)


Leonardo Da Vinci lived in the golden era of Renaissance and epitomized its human ideal. He did not complete a lot of his paintings and liked exploring new things and developing new techniques. Also considered as one of the greatest painters of all time, his work ‘Monalisa’ is one of the most famous and parodied portraits ever. ‘The Last Supper’ is widely recognized too.

Pablo Picasso (1881 to 1973)


Pablo Picasso is one of the most influential painters of the 20th century. His canvas had depth and wasn’t just a flat surface. He usually painted bulls and women and Cuernica, his painting on the Spanish war is a modern work of genius. There is a lot of emotion is his creation. His paintings are categorized in periods- Blue period, Rose period, African-influenced period and Cubism.

Vincent Van Gogh (1853 to 1890)


The painter was full of mystery, individualism and misery heroism. His paintings had a rough beauty, were emotionally honest and full of bold colors  He died at the young age of 32. His work of art includes ‘Starry Night, Bedroom in Aries, Sorrow and Sunflowers’ which by far are the most commendable journey. In German Expressionism, his paintings, both personal and strong have been of great influence.

Salvador Dali (1904 to 1989)


Like all good artists, Salvador Dali’s work speaks a great personal language. The strange representation of objects and bodies are typical of him. The somewhat disturbing portrayal in his paintings makes one wonder if the world we’re living in is just a dream and his paintings were the actual reality. His best recognized work is ‘The Persistence of Memory’, which he completed in 1931.

Rembrandt Van Rijn (1606 to 1669)


Rembrandt van Rijn used shadows and lights brilliantly. His work was a reflection of his own life. He is the most important figure of European paintings of the 17th century. He mastered the art of self portrait and never showed mercy while giving a depiction of him. He used the canvas as a stage and created a lot of drama. Light was used to emphasize on the emotional aspect.