The Modern-day Dr. Dolittle-Kevin Richardson!

Yes our childhood hero Dr. Dolittle who could talk to the animals is back (with a more practical approach). Kevin Richardson from South Africa, holds a reserve near Johannesburg. The young enthusiast has researched on animal behaviour for 11 years. Kevin has 38 lion friends, and his proximity with these lions is astonishing. Trust me; you have to see it to believe it.

Kevin has a strong bond with these animals and he admits that he understands the risks involved with this lifestyle. Kevin proudly comments that even if he loses his life, he would like to come back and do this all over again.

Recently, a lioness named Pelokghale offered him her new born cub. Lionesses are very furious after giving birth to a cub, but when Kevin entered her enclosure, she seemed rather happy and joyful. It was miraculous when the lioness let him close to her cub, and in fact, offered her cub to him. Kevin considers this, the biggest gesture of respect and love. See the video below to witness this commendable friendship between a man and the wild.