The Magic Makers – Maroon 5

The world never runs out of talent. Thank God for those geniuses who’ve Given us a little more every day, brought us out of Misery, never made us see a Sad moment, and helped us Love Somebody. Yes, if you’re still figuring out what we’re talking about, we suggest you break your deep slumber, snap back to reality and see who’s creating waves everywhere. Yes, you music enthusiasts, it’s the incredible Maroon 5.

We bring to you a list of their compilations, which we’ve cherished, heard and over heard all this time, relating to each lyric, each melody as they brought with it a memory and a reason to celebrate life.

  1. Moves like Jagger (Moves like Jagger, 2011)
  2. Payphone (Overexposed, 2012)
  3. She will be loved (Songs about Jane, 2004)
  4. Won’t go home without you (It won’t be soon before long, 2007)
  5. Never gonna leave this bed (Hands all over, 2011)
  6. Makes me wonder
  7. Misery (Hands all over, 2010)
  8. This love (Songs about Jane, 2004)
  9. Wake up call (It won’t be soon before long, 2007)
  10. Harder to Breathe (Songs about Jane, 2004)