The Importance of Family

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Family….hmmm……First comes the definition! Yeah!!!

“The collective body of persons who live in one house, and under one head or manager; a household, including parents, children, servants and, as the case may be, lodgers or boarders”.

Also, plenty more definitions are available which you might not end up reading on. And so, we got the point!!!

So, What’s the Point ?

‘A happy Family’, I mean, who’d not have thought of? But the concept seems to be getting dreary gradually. Isn’t it? And sure, if you want, we too can discuss about mother, father, children, brothers, sisters, etc! Those pretty moments, smiling faces, those hugs and kisses, respect, emotional havocs, those cute tussles which raises the affection more, sure, we can go on and on and on…

But, are we really like to recognize what does it stands for??? Or we’ve just got jammed to the so called norms…. and traditions…..which we follow compellingly. And I hope, we’ll keep the same opinion about our kids being jumpy in doing their own activities, husbands not responding to the answers and even for moms…… as usual household chores or etc..etc…etc.

Ample more excuses or we can say reasons, are surely there. However, what hassles the most is ‘the lack of time’. No, we aren’t here to lecture you on this! Our intentions are to deflect your mind from the so called ‘busy schedule’ to look back at those, who you’re living for or stood up for you whenever you needed them the most. This is what all about a family stands for, Right!

Why is Family So Important ?

To love.., to argue.., to hate.., to fight.., to lie…, to be truthful.., to be good… or to be bad! All these or maybe most of these, we adapt from our families. When we are kids, our emotions are on high intensity. We brawl most of the times. Then how does it get reduced??? As grown-ups we start getting into arguments and cheesy things at times. So, how do we get rid of it??? Regardless of being ‘matured’ or ‘adults’, we still hooked on to some unethical addictions. Then, how do we wrestle through it??? Also talking about older people, exaggerating anger at the best of their life time and yes, theeeeee most, careless …Have you ever thought, how can it get better and they come on the right track?????

The one word answer my friend, would be ‘Family’

With time, we ignore all these. Don’t we? It’s human nature people……, we do. Accept It! But, yes, when we got trapped into some kind of nuisance, then we recall family. Be it a small hurt at home or a major road accident, they come running for you anywhere, anytime. No matter, how much quarrel you’ve done with them in the morning.

For kids, they always remain kids, above all in the eyes of the parents. From your origin till the time they are breathing, they are geared up to do ‘anything and everything’ for you. Don’t have words to spell out their love and concern for their child. And what do we do? We give them impolite replies.

So What are You Doing for your Family?

We’re not bothered, what’s going on in their lives? How much trauma or work stress, they must be going through?? We aren’t aware, what they expect from us. Though we reside under same roof, we don’t even know what medicines do they require? No, we’re not saying you memorize the names the medicines they take or that can make them happy. Our point is, these lil things comprise so much of care in itself, that it gratifies our elders a lot. If you don’t believe us, then try doing such endearing things some day. And we’re sure; you get a great response in return.

We as adults know everything. Don’t we claim to look cool in the lead? Surely, we do. We are on top, when it comes to philosophy. We render all sorts of tips and suggestions to our friends. We are intelligent, we’re super cool. And much more, we all want the world to regard us as… right!!! BUT, when something goes wrong, we’re the people, who demonstrate our power the most via screaming. Though, we know its sheer waste of energy and increases hypertension. We come under influence of those whom we’ve known from not so long. Still we trust them blindly. As a result, we got betrayed, mislead, fooled and significantly hurt. Then we realize……FAMILY!

Well, the most miserable part is when our old age people are not ready to buy any logic against their desire. They want the whole lot to be flawlessly done for them and others, too. They scream the most, shout at loud, always snappy, poke their nose in even lil issues, and etc. So, what should we do? Keep them in a corner of the room like old furniture. Or, with due respect, give them all what they wish for but…..TIME…..nope!

Of course, having years of life experience, they must realize the nitty-gritties of life….the most. But, aren’t we aware, with age comes many diseases that really affect their heart and mind both. Then, as being well and grownups, the liability comes up to our shoulders. Treat them with much love and apprehension that they have ever imagined or ask for. Don’t forget, the ill-effects of diseases or life agonies have made them bitter. Although, your proper care and reverence for them will give rise to the zest to live their life again with full vigour.

We can’t ignore many such instances, which highlight the family bonding reduced to zero in terms of understanding. People don’t want to see each other faces and numerous other severe issues, which today a family suffer.

Let’s Talk about the Crux Now

It’s not the duty of one person to take the charge to strengthen the bond of the family members. It goes without saying that; one and all have to put efforts to sustain the peace among the family. Regardless of the fact, how much triumph we attain in our professional lives, even though the celebration is imperfect without your people. The pleasure they will obtain from your victory, no other soul in the world can. It’s a domicile where you are safe; you’re allowed to be yourself, you’re free from anxiety, contented and relaxed. We should not overlook…. nobody is perfect here. So, to all those who believe, ‘family sucks’ look at yourself first, and then be judgemental! Don’t disregard, you are a part of that family too.

If you’re a teen, youth, elder, older, whatever, start from now onwards. You begin doing your bits! But, surely…. don’t expect over the top, that the things will turn out to be good soon. Nop, not that easy! First you try to be on the right track and handle things patiently. Remember, your people will always remain yours, no matter how much you battle with them. So, people, value your people!