The Earth: Adore It or Leave It

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“What is the use of a house if you don’t have a decent planet to put it on?”

Henry David Thoreau

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Constant conversations…..discussions…..readings on environment! But, no results. We always talk about conserving our nature, but do you think that we have ever taken any sincere step towards it??

I remember, my grandparents taught me that we have a deep relation with our environment and to sustain life on the earth, it’s essential to maintain a natural balance. I think, not only my grandparents, your grandparents also used to teach the same thing. Or, you have read in your school days about conserving our environment. Is listening to our grandparents or reading books are enough? Don’t you think that instead of blaming other people and the system for ruining the environment, we should take sincere efforts for conserving our environment and the earth? Let’s take an initiative to make our earth a greener planet by living and practicing green at our home, office, and community. Let’s move in a green world!

Three R’s can help us in making this world green. I know, you are thinking that which three R’s I am talking about? These are:

  1. Reuse- reuse the products in diverse ways
  2. Recycle- recycle the products to manage waste
  3. Reduce – reduce wastage

“Healthier Life”- A Great Remuneration for Practicing Green


We humans have a tendency that we won’t do any work until; in exchange we get a good remuneration. By practicing green, you will get numerous benefits. One biggest advantage, you would get is better quality and healthier life.

1. Healthy Life

Go green for the sake of your health! Green living helps in keeping the environment clean. Also, you contribute in reducing global warming. Conserve wildlife and forest. Engage in organic farming. This way, you will get natural and healthier food supplies.

2. Better Quality of Life

Don’t indulge in material luxuries (which provide only momentary happiness) and use the natural resources with care. No…no! I’m not saying that you give up your comfort. I am just asking you to consider the impact of your actions on the earth. After all, it’s the non-material things (self-actualization, relationships, etc.) that help you in providing better quality of life.

3. Lower Expenses

Long electricity and water bills frustrate you? The only solution to cut down your expenses is to practice green and conserving electricity and water.

4. Development in New Areas

If we begin living a green life, it will encourage green technologies. It will also provide a market for eco-friendly services and products.

Hope, you will help me in making our earth a greener and beautiful planet.