The Dynamics Of a Trio

Have you ever been placed in a situation where in you call two people your best friends? More so, one’s a boy and the other, a girl. Not to forget that the other two also call the remaining two their best friends? Appears more like a puzzle right? It did to us too. But on a close study, we figured that there are a lot of friends in the world who’ve been caught in this picture, often terming this association their “own happy world”. In order to help you gain a better understanding of the scenario, we get to you a tale here.


Aditya, Richa and Aastha are three really great friends. It’s like the three of them cannot live without each other. They detail one another on everything about their lives, the highest and the lowest points, the joys and the sorrows, the work woes and the family times. They were one happy union and most importantly, each was comfortable in their own space. Until Richa started to develop feelings for Aaditya, without paying heed to what this would lead to and being completely negligent of the consequences. That’s when the real trouble started. She wouldn’t let Aastha mingle with him, she wouldn’t let the two of them chill with each other and she’d get all awkward and irritated when she spotted the two of them together.


So, how do you think the story ended? Any guesses? You got it right. It totally killed their bond and drifted them apart. Aastha was left wondering as to what went wrong, Aaditya was perplexed at this sudden turn of events and the one who caused this drama, Richa, was shunned by both her best friends. Does this story make you think of ‘Cocktail’ the movie? Yes girls, there are a lot of Gautam’s, Meera’s and Veronica’s out there. And not all are left with a happy ending like shown in the film (in fact, even there, Veronica did not quite get things her way).

So, we give you a few tips on how to deal with such a situation if you’re caught in one. And how to make your friendship happy, lasting and fulfilling?


  • If you notice behavioral changes in one of your friends, talk it out with them. Ask them if there’s something that is causing them tension, problem or any kind of grief.
  • Don’t straight away state, “What is wrong with you? Why are you acting so weird? So different”. Don’t accuse them of anything. They would hate to know that you think they are a prick, when in reality, they think of you to be one.
  • Discuss the situation with your other friend. It’s not rocket science to figure out the newly altered nature of one’s friend and we’re sure your other friend is as worried as you about this buddy of yours. Remember, you aren’t bitching about him/her; you’re only trying to sort out the whole situation.
  • Stay objective. Since right now, you are at the receiving end of such behavior, it might become slightly difficult for you to stay non-judgmental but we advise you to stay calm, patient and a bit uncomplaining through this task.
  • Lastly, don’t give up. The three of you have spent wonderful times together, so for the sake of those times, and many more to come, stick with your friends and make it work. Giving up on relationships is very easy, what needs courage is effort and sincere dedication. This way, you will be able to retain the love and warmth in your bond.