The Dazzling Personality: Vandana Shiva

Philosopher, Environmentalist, Author, Physicist, Eco-Feminist

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Vandana Shiva is one of the pioneers in our country, in the world of feminism. It’s an honour, to have a personality in our nation. The lady is surrounded with numerous rewards. She has vastly contributed, to improve the conditions of females in India, and across the world. We feel delighted while throwing some light on her life. She is such a magnificent personality that, the more you know her, the more you want to delve into her extraordinary work.

She has born on November 5, 1952, in the beautiful place of Dehra Dun. She is an environmental activist, philosopher, author, physicist, and eco-feminist. This extremely brilliant woman has written down, more than 20 books, and also done her Ph.D from Canada, the University of Western Ontario, in 1978. The lady has seen the critical situations of Chipko Movement and actively participated in it. This highly intellectual female is also a director of the ‘Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Natural Resource Policy’, in Dehradun.

Shiva emerged as a powerful source for various environmental impacts. She was found concerned, about the hazards regarding biodiversity, created by biotechnology. Her foundation, Navdanya, in 1991, became known as a national progress, in order to protect the multiplicity, and integrity of existing resources. She is also termed as, ‘original tree-huggers’, and you will be surprised to know that, she is one of the world’s most renowned advocate for eco-feminism, bio-ethics, and bio-diversity. This has been a revolution in the context of biodiversity, and helped in changing many lives.

In 1993, the ‘Right Livelihood’ award was proved as, “Alternative Nobel Prize”, and was given to her for her efforts. Other than being an author of immensely successful ‘Staying Alive’, she also delivers special lectures on ecology, and feminism at a number of institutes worldwide. She is known as a female, who has left her impact through her writings, and contribution in the fields of ecology, for women society.


Vandana Shiva has played a crucial role, in sanctioning the universal Eco-feminist movement. In one of her commentaries about Empowering Women, she suggested that we can achieve more stable and productive ways in agriculture, by re-establishing a women centric farming system, in India. Eco-feminism also amalgamates the elements of feminist, and green evolution. At the same time, it proffers various challenges equally.

Some of her Publications are:

  • Staying Alive: Women, Ecology and Survival in India (1988)
  • Ecology and the Politics of Survival: Conflicts Over Natural Resources in India (1991)
  • The Violence of the Green Revolution: Ecological degradation and political conflict in Punjab (1992)
  • Biodiversity: Social and Ecological Perspectives (editor) (1992)
  • Women, Ecology and Health: Rebuilding Connections  (editor) (1993)
  • Monocultures of the Mind: Biodiversity, Biotechnology and Agriculture (1993)
  • Ecofeminism: Maria Mies and Vandana Shiva, Fernwood Publications, Halifax (1993)

She has been an inspiration for the world, because of her struggle for the betterment of society.She has revolutionized the traditions, along with the theory of cultivation and food. Her tremendous contribution, through campaigns like- intellectual property rights, biotechnology, biodiversity, bioethics, and genetic engineering. These have shown a remarkable sign of an intellectual worker. As said by Ms. Magazine, Shiva has devoted her life in fighting for the rights of ordinary people in India. Her fierce intellect and her disarmingly friendly, accessible manner have made her a valuable advocate for people all over the developing world”.