The Chronicles of a Lady’s Bag – Mystery Revealed and Sorted

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During a chit chat session with a guy friend I found out about every guy’s curiosity for the ladies bag! Don’t get me wrong, it’s not about the design and brand of our bag (I wish guys had that intelligence) but what’s inside that bag. Now that’s one hell of a question! Ain’t it?

Remember all those times you promised yourself to keep your handbag organized and the endless failures to fulfill the promise! Sigh!

Let’s take another resolution today and I’ll tell you some tips to keep it neat and organized. Organizing a handbag is an art! ‘Okay! It was an overstatement’, but you really need to see that you don’t just stuff it up and make your ‘Louis Vuitton’ more of a travel bag and at the same time, you shouldn’t miss any essentials and rely on your girlfriends or not so friendly colleagues in case of emergencies, if you know what I mean!

  • Carry a wallet – shouldn’t be too much of a difficulty, considering the tempting options you’ll see in the store! I bet, most of you already have it, it’s just how we feel it’s easier to stuff the cash in the inside zip pocket of the bag. Get rid of that habit and you’ll see how good it is when you don’t have to empty the whole bag to find change for the parking ticket coz you have all your cash, cards and coins at one place.

  • Facewash and a napkin/face wipes – No wipes can ever match the pleasure of splashing water on your face. So if you have a big enough bag, keep a face wash and a small hand towel. Trust me, it’s gonna be a huge relief on that hot summer day. Alternatively, you can keep face cleaning wipes too. They are a life saver when you don’t have the luxury to literally wash your face. Reminds me of that 1 hour travel in a crowded city bus.

  • A lil to care and a lil to flaunt – Tanned skin, dry lips and tired eyes! Is that your end of the day look? I know you get away with it by saying ‘who has time to take care of all these things, when you’ve so much work staring right in your face’! If it takes less than efforts to carry a lip balm, moisturizer and a sunscreen then why wait for the weekend to get rid of that tan. Why not, just carry a nice lip shade or tint and a kajal pencil too! After all, you never know who you might run into!

  • To escape that awkward emergency – it’s happened to all of us at the wrong moment, the wrong time, right? Take a leaf girls…don’t leave it behind this time. YES the ST. Carry it.
  • How about some fragrance – I love fragrances and I know you do! Why not carry your favorite perfume or the mini pack of your favorite deo. I, personally like to carry a perfume as the deo bottle takes too much of the precious space of my bag. The perfumes will not only keep you fresh but will add some aroma to the air whenever you open your bag. A good feeling, it is and also makes the other person wonder what’s in there!

  • Hairbrush – there are times when I badly need to brush my hair…Like real bad! If that’s the case with you make a note to keep a brush in your bag at all times. A small clutcher to occasionally pull up those strands would be another good idea.
  • For that headache – small but significant, do carry medicine for headache and stomachache as these are the most unwelcome and unpredictable guests you keep encountering. Get it now girls and you’ll thank me later!

Now that you are all armed up, why not dress up, go out and have a drink with your girlfriends! Don’t forget to pass the ‘word of wisdom’ to your ladies!