The Body Shop

1. Body and Bathing

Body Scrubs

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Raspberry Body Scrub:



This body scrub is made of seed oil from real raspberries, which exfoliates your skin and leaves it, feeling soft and smooth.

Cocoa Butter Cream Body Scrub:



The exfoliating scrub is made up of original cocoa butter and helps to stimulate microcirculation in the skin.

Coconut Body Scrub:


Containing organic coconut oil, this body scrub has a tropical scent of the coconuts and exfoliates your body.

Mango Body Scrub:


The fruity scrub is made of seed oil from real mangoes. It helps to stimulate microcirculation of the skin and smells of fresh white flowers.

Shea Body Scrub:



Made of pure shea butter, this body scrub removes dead skin cells and has a subtle, nutty scent.

Body Moisturizers

Coconut Body Butter:



Rich and creamy, this body butter works wonders for your skin. It contains organic coconut oil and has a lingering tropical scent. Read a thorough review of The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter.

Strawberry Body Butter:



A wonderful treat to the skin, the strawberry body butter works well with normal to dry skin type and has a very sweet strawberry fragrance.

Sweet Lemon Body Butter:



Smelling of fresh fruity lemons, the scrub contains Community Fair Trade shea butter and is very creamy and rich.

Mango Body Butter:



Made up of Community Fair Trade cocoa butter, the mango body scrub contains the exotic smell of mangoes and is very effective with dry skin.

Moringa Body Butter:



The delicate and rich white flowery aroma is very feminine and melts in fabulously well with the normal to dry skin tone.

2. Skincare

Lip care

Sweet Lemon Lip Butter:



This buttery lip balm instantly hydrates your lips and contains real seed oil of lemons. The creamy texture makes your lips very smooth and soft.

Pink Grapefruit Lip Butter:



The zesty seed oil of pink grapefruits has a buttery smooth texture and makes your lips very soft and supple.

Coconut Lip Butter:


The virgin coconut oil is super buttery and smooth and hydrates your lips to a great effect.

Shea Lip Butter:



Like all the other lip butters, this one also leaves your lips smooth and silky and has a supple buttery texture.

Eye care

Wise Woman eye cream:



The special eye cream is a combination of wild yam, red clover and sunflower oil, which hydrates the delicate area around the eyes.

Vitamin E Eye Cream:



The moisturizing effect of the eye cream helps to protect, smooth and hydrate the area around one’s eyes. It even reduces puffiness.

Elderflower Cooling Eye Gel:


The rich in elderflower gel helps to cool the skin around the delicate eye spot and is very refreshing.

Aloe Eye Defence:


Skin type that needs gentle care has found its rescue here. With zero added preservatives, this eye cream is appropriate for people, who wear contact lenses.


Passion Fruit Cleansing Gel:



This classic cleanser instantly washes off dirt, foams up to create a very refreshing feel, is supremely gentle on the skin and is laden with fragrance of fresh passion fruit.

Tea Tree Foaming Cleanser:



The Tea Tree foaming cleanser is a delight for blemished skin and helps to remove make up and other impurities. Routine cleansing will help to keep skin problem free.

Aloe Calming Facial Cleanser:



This cleanser is very different from the regular cleansers available in the market. Unlike them, it doesn’t cause dryness to your skin. Rather, it soothes and refreshes it and even dissolves impurities.

Vitamin E Cream Cleanser:


It is gentle to your skin and eliminates all dirt, impurities and make up, meanwhile softening and conditioning your skin.


Vitamin E Moisture Serum:


It provides continuous, intensive protection and hydration. And soothes the skin. Read the detailed review of The Body Shop Vitamin E Serum.

Aloe Protective Serum:



Dermatologically tested, the Aloe Protective Serum is colour, fragrance and alcohol free.

Natrulift Firming Serum:



It fights signs of aging and helps to keep the skin firm. It even prevents the occurrence of wrinkles.

3. Make up


Super Volume Mascara:



This gives your lashes an intense, deep look and coats it without creating a clump. It is appropriate for those wearing contact lenses.

Eye Definer:



It gives an intense, bold look and is smudge resistant. More so, it is dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested.

Big and Curvy Waterproof Mascara:



The volumizing mascara is smudge proof, teaproof and waterproof. It coats your lashes from the root to the tip.

Liquid Eyeliner:



The liquid liner is very easy to apply and the applicator is finely tipped, which helps to deliver color at the place where you want it to be.


Hi Shine Lip Treatment:



Super fruity and super glossy, it gives impeccable shine to your lips. The passion fruit scent even moisturizes them.

Love Gloss for Lips:



This lip gloss has a wand in heart shape, which makes it both adorable and easy to apply.

Colourglide Shine Lip Color:


If you want the perfect amount of color and shine to your lips, this is your pick.




The handy exfoliator is perfect for flaky and dry lips. It moisturizes the lips leaving them better prepared for colour.




The Body Shop concealer is dermatologically tested and blends well with your skin tone. It helps even your complexion and reduces redness and blemishes.

Moisture Foundation SPF 15:



Best suited for normal to dry skin, the foundation gives a flawless finish and has light to medium coverage.

Loose Face Powder:



This loose powder in ultra fine granules sets your make up right and provides the professional finishing touches.

Flawless Skin Protecting Concealer:



Non drying and easy to blend, this concealer is cream to powder and covers redness and blemishes.

The Body Shop is definitely one of our trusted brands. It rarely has any negative implications. Try its various products and let us know your favorite ones!