The Body Shop “Vitamin C Facial Cleansing Polish” Review


Hey, all the skin conscious women out there! We are back again with our review team, to tell you the secrets, pros and cons behind the various cosmetics, and skin care products available in the market. We have been always stressing on purchase of the natural and skin friendly products. And when we talk about natural products, The Body Shop is one of the leading and ace brands available in India, which is strictly against animal testing, and uses natural ingredients to make its sensuous and soothing products.

Today, we are going to review one of the products from Vitamin C of The Body Shop, and that is “Facial Cleansing Polish” that is basically, the daily facial wash by the brand, with very tiny and gentle particles that gently scrub off dirt on daily basis. Let’s peep into the product and see how much it is going to score in our test?


What Does The Body Shop Claim About the Product?

Daily radiance revealing wash. With micro-beads that gently smooth as you cleanse, Amazonian camu camu berry (known to have one of the best sources of Vitamin C in nature) and Community Trade aloe-vera.

It is meant basically for dull skin.

Cost: 995/- for 100 M.L.

Although the product sounds a little high when we talk about daily facial wash, but this product last for 2 months if you use it daily twice. So, it is good to go in terms of money and quantity.


This daily facial wash comes in a tube packaging, and you can take out the desired quantity and close it. It means there is no wastage or spilling of the product, which accounts for its long duration.


You can buy this wash from any Body Shop store across the country. If your city doesn’t have a Body shop store, you can order it online as well.

Pros of the Product:

  • Just a little drop of the product and it covers your entire face and neck. Take a few drops of water and make it into a rich lather on your face itself. Massage for a minute and rinse it off with cold water.
  • The fruity and zesty aroma of orange (actually camu camu) makes you feel refreshing as never before. Wash your face with this face wash and just see the difference. The level of freshness after using this product is going to be awesome.
  • It is actually effective for those with dull skin. But, don’t expect the overnight results. Though it instantly brightens your face, but it actually starts removing dullness from your face as you continue to use it for a month at least.

Cons of the Product:

Practically, there are no cons of this product. However, those with dry or extremely sensitive skin can avoid it. But you should once try on this product as a sample.

Score Chart:

Cost effective: 4.8/5

Packaging: 5/5

Performance: 4.8/5

Aroma: 5/5

Overall Score: 4.9/5 (Excellent product!)