The 20 Most Effective Homemade Remedies for a Blemish Free Skin

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Face blemishes are dark marks or patches on the face caused due to blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, acne, boils, allergies, age spots or any other skin condition that clogs the pores of your skin. Sometimes, extensive and continuous use of cosmetic products can also result in the same. Pollution, unfavorable weather conditions, sunburn, stress, excessive oily skin and hormonal changes caused by menstruation, puberty, pregnancy, etc (making females more susceptible to it) can become a reason for blemishes.

Blemishes are extremely common skin trouble, faced by millions of people across the world. For most people, it occurs during the teenage years and continues to stay for a really long time. However, that is not a guarantee that it would not occur later in life. Face and neck are the most common areas where dark spots occur as a result of dark pigmentation.

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The good thing about blemishes is that, a lot of home remedies can help you get rid of your face spots. These are easily available, inexpensive and highly beneficial. The natural and most common skin lightening agents are orange peels, lemon juice, tomato juice, sandalwood powder, coconut water, etc.

Here are the most effective home remedies for treating facial blemishes-

1. Lemon, cucumber, potato mask


Mix lemon juice, cucumber juice and potato juice in equal parts and apply over the affected area. Keep for 20 minutes (approximately). Rinse well.

2.  Chamomile tea and lemon juice


If you have acne scars, boil chamomile and lemon juice together in water. Now apply the mixture on your face for half an hour. Rinse away with fresh water.

3.  Lemon and Tomato Juice


You can also create a paste of tomato and lemon juice, and apply on your face to get rid of blemishes.

4.  Strawberry face mask


Mash three strawberries and combine them with some vinegar. Apply the paste and keep it overnight. Wash with water in the morning.

5.  Sandalwood mask


Take sandalwood powder along with water and apply it on your face. Its regular application is highly recommended for blemish reduction.

6.  Carrots


Boil a few carrots and mash them. Apply the mashed carrots all over your face for 15-20 minutes. Rinse off using milk.

7. Honey and rose water


Take honey, rose water and lemon juice in equal parts, and create a mixture. Apply over a period of time for remarkable results.

8. Orange and lemon peels

skin-blemishes-home-remedies-orange-lemon-peelsMix yogurt and rose water with a powder of orange peels and lemons that have been sun dried.

9.  Green papaya

skin-blemishes-home-remedies-green-papayaMash a green papaya and apply for about 15 minutes. A combination of milk and mashed papaya is also known to give great results.

10.  Almonds

almonds-imageTake four almonds and soak them in water. Keep overnight. Remove their skin in the morning and grind them. Add some lemon juice and honey to the mixture and apply all over face for about 20 to 30 minutes.

11.  Almonds and orange peel scrub


Blanched almonds can be mixed with orange peel powder (dried). Scrub this paste for 2 minutes.

12.  Plum

skin-blemishes-home-remedies-plumTake a few seeds of Indian plum and soak them in water overnight. Once they turn soft, mash them and apply on the face. Rinse off, when the paste dries up.

13.  Camphor extract face mask


Mix 7 parts of camphor extract, 2 parts of almond powder, few drops of rose water and some sandalwood powder. This is an effective face pack to attain a blemish free skin.

14.  Cucumber face mask


Mix cucumber juice, rose water (1 tablespoon), vinegar (2 tablespoons) to create a solution that is excellent for blemish removal.

15.  Pure honey


Pure honey has natural antibacterial properties that cure blemishes. Apply it daily on your face for at least 20 minutes.

16. Orange peel face mask

dry-out-pimples-home-remedies-orange-peelCreate a mixture of dried orange peels and plain yogurt. Apply for 15 minutes daily for optimum results.

17. Banana peel


Stubborn acne marks can be removed by rubbing the inside of banana peel everyday for 10 minutes. Wash off only after it dries completely.

18.  Ice cubes


Wrap an ice cube in a clean cloth and place it on the affected area to reduce inflammation (do not exceed for more than a minute).

19. Gram flour face pack


Two spoons of gram flour, a pinch of turmeric, lemon juice and a spoon of curd should be combined to create a face pack for drastic improvement in skin blemishes.

20.  Neem leaves


Boiled neem leaves or a paste made of neem leaves can also be applied for a period of time.

Also, a balanced diet containing vitamin A, C, E and zinc facilitates healing to a great extent. So, include lots of oranges, carrots, watermelons, lemons, vegetables, whole grains, etc. in your diet.  Avoid too much caffeine and oily/fatty foods. And lastly, drink lots and lots of water.