The 10 Most Fit Women in the World Over 40

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Who’d ever guess that these A-listers are 40 something? Certainly, not with the way they look! While the rest of us witness early signs of aging even when we’re nearing 30, these celebs look super fresh and glamorous. Wonder how they slowed down the hands of time?

Here are our fifteen favorite famous women who have us drooling- talk about girl crush!

1.  Madonna


When we discuss how age and grace can and should go hand in hand, there’s no chance we can ever miss mentioning Madonna. The Material Girl is 54, yeah, FIFTY FOUR, and is in super shape. She’s made fitness a part of her life and her body definitely shows it.

2. Julia Roberts


This original Pretty Woman won our hearts 22 years ago, and still leaves us enchanted with her dewy complexion and toothy smile. She’ll soon turn 45, and we bet you wouldn’t have guessed it if we hadn’t let out this secret.

3.  Jennifer Aniston


Aniston is 44 and credits Mandy Ingber, her yoga teacher, for keeping her in impeccable shape. She’s not just getting ready for a meaty role. Instead, she’s been disciplines, consistent and positive with her regimen.

4.  Jennifer Lopez


People magazine named J Lo “the most beautiful woman in the world” in 2011. And what was her age then? Four two- 42! She states, “I try to get enough good sleep, about seven or eight hours, and I drink a lot of water”. Thanks for sharing your secret, Miss!

5. Cameron Diaz


Cameron (age 40) is toned, super lean and has abs which shows that, when it comes to fitness, she means serious business. She’s into pilates, strength training, and cardio. She can even flip tractor tires. Way to go girl!

6.  Nicole Kidman


Kidman says she prefers early morning workout. The actress looks flawless even at 45!

7. Gwen Stefani


Gwen is 43, a mother of two, and had a six pack, twelve months post she delivered her second baby. You’re wondering how that happened. Well, she confesses it’s because she stays hydrated, gets at least 8 hours of sleep everyday, and eats leans proteins and colorful meals every day.

While the Bollywood heroes sizzle on the screen for years, it is so believed that the actresses have a much shorter shelf life, and do not enjoy the limelight as much as the actors do. But here are a few heroines, who continue to charm and lure us, just the way they did so many years ago.

8. Sridevi


We all thought Sridevi had retired from acting and was never going to come back until we saw her in English Vinglish. The actress looked fit as a fiddle (at age 49) in her simple yet lovely sarees, and even while she was making media appearances for the promotion of the film wearing westerns.

9. Madhuri Dixit Nene


When Madhuri got married, a million hearts got broken. Made then she did not let down her fans and made a huge comeback. The 46 year old looked every bit of a diva in Ghaghra and judges numerous shows on television. We totally think, she looks incredible!

10.  Malaika Arora Khan


Mrs. Khan is currently 39, but she’ll hit the 40 mark in coming August. She’s in super shape (always has been), and her dance moves are a hit across the nation. This Munni is certainly not badnaam, when it comes to fitness.