The 10 Bestselling MAC Eye Shadows We cannot Get Enough of!

Eye shadows, just like everything else in the universe, come in a variety of options. They are powdery, creamy, matte, and sparkly. The best part is that MAC aces each of these categories, and provides the best colors and textures that blend well. Although, MAC delivers beautiful pinks, purples, greens and blues, on our observation, we figured that people use ‘neutrals’ the most.

We pick for you the 10 bestselling MAC eye shadows-

1. Copperplate-


The matte texture is super soft and highly pigmented, which makes this eye shadow easy to blend. The beautiful warm grey with a slightly mauve undertone works brilliantly well with black, brown and silver.

2. Satin Taupe-


It is a favorite with us. This color goes with everything. The lines of purple, brown and grey are simply gorgeous.

3. Nylon-


Nylon is very metallic and shiny apart from being really soft. It gives a lovely pearly shine to the eye area.

4. Cork-


It has a beautiful warm brown matte texture, which gives your eyes a very well toned smokey effect.

5. Knight Divine-


Knight Divine has a frost texture, which gives it a metallic finish without making it super shiny. It is also very pigmented and soft.

6. Club-


Club is a dual chrome eye shadow, which reflects red brown along with green effects, making it very wearable.

7. Sable-


Sable works wonders on darker skin tones and has a velvety plum bronze feel to it.

8. Naked lunch-


This one’s for all the girlie girls. It is minimal pink, along with shimmer! Love!

9. Shale-


Shale is satiny with mauve-plum in subtle shimmer. Perfect evening wear.

10. Haux-


Haux warms up the crease, and can be used as a transition color. It is soft muted satiny rose brown.