12 Stellar Textured and Layered Pixie Cuts for Women [2019]

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A layered pixie cut or a textured one of the most voluminous short crops every woman should try at least once in their life. A textured pixie cut doesn’t have to be perfect, which makes it much easier to get it at home. We have to mention that the smartest idea is to go to a good hairstylist and get a cut there. But if you want to make this a DIY project, we can definitely help.


How to Style Pixie with Textured Layers

How to Style Pixie with Textured Layers

To begin with, you want to wash your hair and leave it a little wet. That will significantly help, especially if you are a beginner. Cut it to a bob and you can now comb it very well. Separate it into sections, first the front from the back. Secure each section with a hair tie. Decide the length you want to go for.

You should start with the section in the back. Grab a strand of hair and secure it with the middle and forefinger. The fingers will help you set a limit to where you want to cur. Use professional scissors to do this layered pixie cut. The first strand you will cut should be vertical, while the following one should be horizontal.

When you place your middle and forefinger on the horizontal one, you will see clearly the spot where you need to cut. Continue doing the same procedure until you’re completely done. To achieve textured layers you need to go back after you’re done and cut the top part shorter. These will be those layers that add the volume. You can get creative and include layers with different lengths on different levels.


Coolest Layered & Textured Pixie Hairstyles

We have a list of 12 pixie cuts with textured hair and layers for you to choose from.


Trendy Textured Pixie Haircuts

These are trendiest textured pixie cuts that are trending like crazy.

1. Platinum Pixie with Undercut

Platinum Textured Pixie with An Undercut

An undercut in the back is a very brave move, but so many women love it.

Ideal for: If you’ve been thinking about getting an undercut, you should definitely combine it with a short textured pixie.

How to Style: Visit your hairstylist and let them know that you want a textured short crop with an undercut in the back. The texture will give you a great volume on the top.


2. Short Grey Pixie

textured grey pixie cut for women

If you’ve been wanting to go grey, the ideal way to do it is while you have short hair.

Ideal for: This is the best hairstyle for women who are getting a pixie cut for the first time. It’s not overly textured so it’s easer to get used to it.

How to Style: The only thing you need is color-protecting products.


3. Two-Toned Textured Pixie Cut

Two-Toned Textured Pixie Cut

Why choose a single color, when you can go for two? Short hair colors like this are so vivid.

Ideal for: It is perfect for bold ladies who can never get enough of unique looks.

How to Style: Ask for extra texture in the top and front part of the hairdo.


4. Lavender Pixie Hairdo

textured lavender pixie cut

The soft pastel purple hair will have you mesmerized.

Ideal for: As we mentioned these short hairstyles are great for fun hair colors because it will take you less time to grow the color out.

How to Style: Use a styling product to achieve that spiky look.


5. Multicolored Pixie with Baby Bangs

textured pixie cut with baby bangs

Aside from the extra texture, you can also add baby bangs.

Ideal for: It’s a very vibrant textured pixie cut, perfect for younger ladies.

How to Style: If you have straight hair there is no need for styling.


6. Textured Pixie with Wavy Hair

Elevate the volume even more with messy waves.

Ideal for: Great for parties and events.

How to Style: Grab a small curling wand for the top.


Amazing Pixie Cuts with Layers

Our experts have curated below layered pixie haircuts for you to get the picture.

7. Classic Layered Pixie Cut

layered pixie cut

A classic layered pixie haircut with your natural hair color is a good way to start.

Ideal for: This can be your first-ever short crop. Suitable hairstyle for girls with big forehead.

How to Style: Ask for extra layers in the back if you want a lot of volumes.


8. Balayage Pixie with Side Bangs

layered pixie with balayage hair

Bangs can elevate every single hairstyle.

Ideal for: Perfect for all women who love bangs.

How to Style: Blow dry the bangs to the side with a round brush.


9. Layered Pixie with Long Sides

There are many ways to experiment with short pixie hairdos.

Ideal for: This is a layered pixie cut meant for all ages, face shapes and styles.

How to Style: Get longer sides and you’ll love how good it looks.


10. Voluminous Green Pixie Cut

We’ve never seen a prettier green shade.

Ideal for: Green is eye-catching, which makes it a hue not meant for everyone. Be 100% sure before dying and cutting your hair to this statement ombre pixie.

How to Style: You will only need minutes to style it thanks to the layers which give a natural lift from the roots.


11. Brown Pixie with Highlights

layered pixie cut with highlights

This is probably one of the safest picks of the pixie cut with layers on the list.

Ideal for: Great for all ages because everyone likes this hair color.

How to Style: Thanks to the layers you will find it so easy to style the hair.


12. Pixie with Shaved Side

Layered Pixie with Shaved Side

Want to take it a step further with undercuts?

Ideal for: If you’ve already tried an undercut and you loved it, the next step is a shaved side.

How to Style: The layers of hair will keep it voluminous, messy, and away from the shaved side.


Whether you’ll opt for a more textured or layered finish, all of these gorgeous pixie cuts with textured layers will end up upgrading your appearance. This is a short, but not too short mane that flatters all ages and face shapes. The rumor is that if you combine it with a popular hair color you will look like a Hollywood star.