Test if Your Child Needs a Speech Therapy

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Being a toddler’s parent means encountering something new every day… sometimes a pleasant surprise and sometimes a dreaded monster! The toddler’s speech cycle is more or less the same with all kids with a little difference. Let me help you weigh up the speech development of your child and find out if you need to consult a speech therapist.

If your child is 2 year old, he/she must…

  • Be able to speak around 50 words.
  • Understand more words than he/she speaks.
  • Speak clearly enough for parents to understand some words.
  • Join two words or tries to join two words while speaking.
  • Bring into play some small adjectives like big, more etc.

For a 3 year old

  • The child can use words ranging from 250 to 500.
  • Makes sentences with 3 – 4 words or longer sometimes.
  • Uses pronouns, like I, you, we.
  • Addresses people with names or relation and tends to remember some of them.
  • Still not very aware of the sound they make while trying to say something.

By the age of 4, most of the toddlers are able to speak clearly enough for strangers to understand but keep in mind that the clarity of speech differs from child to child. If your child lags far behind the mentioned cycle you can consult a toddler speech therapist and he/she will find out the possible grounds for the speech delay. Till then, you yourself can help your lil one by –

  • Reading to them.
  • Talking to them a lot.
  • Singing songs or rhymes
  • Playing simple rhymes on T.V
  • Constantly prompting them to reply by asking questions every now and then. For e.g. ask them to choose between the two shirts while dressing them.
  • Be expressive and clear with your actions. Your expressions must counterpart what you say or otherwise you’ll confuse the lil tot. For e.g. while undressing him tell him “done with the shirt”, while removing shirt and “now it’s the shoes turn” while loosening the shoes.

Like we say, the toddler teaches you all! Happy parenting!