Tempurpedic Mattress Back Pain – Review & Buying Guide 2020

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Sometimes you are suffering from intense back pain, and cannot seem to find a solution for it. If you observe closely the only solution you require is to change your mattress. Sometimes a sagging old mattress causes strain on your back, which in turn causes back pain. The best way to either get rid of back pain or to prevent it from happening is to use tempurpedic mattress back pain. Get your hands on it if you want a comfortable sleep accompanied with elegance.

Things to consider before Buying Tempurpedic mattress back pain


Before buying a mattress, you need to keep its responsiveness in check. This basically means how quickly your mattress will adapt to your body. If it very responsive then the mattress itself will shift as well when you shift your body position. It will allow you to sink in better and will spring up as soon as you get up too. For people with back pain, you need to have a responsive mattress so that you can accommodate your back.


Firmness can play a very important role when it comes to choosing a mattress. If you suffer from back pain, then the best mattresses for back and neck pain is the one that will be more firm. It will make your body go more straight and will make sure that all of your body is in contact with the mattress.


A mattress that can last for longer time is the best one. The best way to judge the durability is to see the warranty. The longer the warranty, the more durable the mattress. Durable mattress will also prevent from sagging in which means less back pain will be caused.

8 Tempurpedic mattress back pain


If you are someone who suffers from a lot back pain or has been diagnosed with problems like a disc bulge or herniated disc, then this a really good mattress for back pain. Even if you have not been affected by any of these diseases, we would recommend you buy this best Tempurpedic for back pain, as it will make sure you don’t suffer from such a problem ever.

  • This best mattress for lower back pain sufferers is 12 inches long and comes under the medium size.
  • It doubles your pressure relief and helps you go into a very deep slumber.
  • Moreover, this best mattress for your back comes with the next generation technology where it has a cool to touch zip-off the the upper layer and a super-stretch inner layer.
  • The NASA engineered tempur material has been made with the latest innovations.
  • This mattress can give you support in all sorts of sleeping positions.
  • If you choose to buy a dual mattress, this best mattress for the lower back will not let you feel their presence.


  • One of the best things about this best mattress for back pain makes sure that all of your body is aligned with the mattress.
  • The cool to touch layers tends to regulate your body temperature the whole night.
  • It is a very high-quality mattress that lasts for a long time.
  • It can easily carry about 450 lbs. of weight.


  • Even though this is the best bed for lower back pain, it comes at a very high price which might not be affordable for some people.


All the rumors about tempurpedic causing lower back pain are fake because here we bring you the best tempurpedic mattress for back pain. It will not only work magic on your bag but also make sure that you stay safe from all sorts of back problems in the future too.  This is the best tempurpedic mattress for low back pain and you should definitely spend money on this one.

  • The mattress is 10 inches thick and is perfect for those who sleep on their stomachs.
  • It has a medium soft memory foam mattress that acts as the best plush mattress for back pain along with its tempura material.
  • It comes with a cooling technology as the top layers makes the moisture go away and the inner layer gives you a cool to touch effect.
  • It also comes with a support layers that evenly distributes your body weight as you sleep.
  • Moreover this best mattress for back problems is suited for a very firm base where it won’t be moved a lot.
  • It has a total of four layers that include premium cooling top cover, support layer, comfort layer and cooling base layer.
  • This best mattress for lower back pain knows how to minimize all your pressure points and adapt to your comfort.


  • It is very durable and supportive.
  • It helps prevent all the hard spots on body.
  • It does not let you get sweaty as moisture is absorbed away.
  • The top layer quickly adapts to your body shape.


  • It is a bit overly expensive.
  • It does not have a really good customer service.


Tempure gives you another best mattress for spinal stenosis that you need to buy as soon as possible. It will be a great luxury added to your life. Moreover, there is a reduction of back pain from tempur pedic mattress.

  • This best mattress for side sleepers with lower back pain is an 11.5 inch mattress that gives you a very responsive sleep.
  • It has a tempur response layer in it which actively reacts to your body’s movements and helps you with support, pressure relief and motion dispersal.
  • Another layer of this best type of mattress for lower back pain has a smart climate system where the top layer draws away the ositure on your body.
  • Moreover another layer comes with a cool to touch system.
  • It is accompanied by removable covers that can be used as per your need.
  • It has a very slight springy feel to it.
  • This best mattresses for back and neck pain also comes with respone layer, dynamic support layer and base layer.


  • It is very affordable and cheap as compared to all the other best mattresses for side sleepers with back pain.
  • It has a very soft and a very cushiony feel to it.
  • It has a ten year warranty which sounds amazing.


  • You need to give this mattress some time to break in so that you get comfortable.
  • There might be a bad odor in the beginning.

4- Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-ProForm Supreme

As we write the tempur pedic review for back pain with assure you that this mattress will be a must buy. That is exactly why it makes it on the fourth position. If you want to feel like some royal person and yet have a good night’s sleep, then this one is for you. You are surely going to fall in love with this mattress.

  • This best type of mattress for lower back pain is available in queen size and has a silk-cashmere blend cover with a tan finish.
  • It has a 5 inch height that makes it look even more classic and elegant.
  • Moreover this best tempurpedic mattress for back pain has a non-slip bottom so that it remains intact with your bed at all times.
  • It is more firm than other best mattresses for side sleepers with lower back pain.
  • It is also dust-mite resistant and hypoallergenic.
  • It can last many years.


  • It is durable.
  • It looks very grand and is a beautiful mattress.
  • It is very thick to guarantee maximum support.
  • It is quite firm too, making it the best bed for lower back pain.


  • It does not come with a warranty.
  • It is quite expensive.


Tempur gives us another of the best mattress for back pain. This mattress looks extremely inviting and is surely an example of the bed you cannot get out of in the morning.  It is definitely worth all your money.

  • This memory foam mattress has been designed a pressure-relieving Tempur material and Is around 3 inches thick.
  • This best mattress for lower back pain is very responsive to your body temperature, weight, and shape.
  • Moreover, it comes with washable covers so that you don’t have to deal with dust-mites, allergens, or dirt.
  • It has a multi-use topper, which means it can be used in dorm rooms, guest rooms,, and also for travel.
  • This is the best Tempurpedic mattress for low back pain as it goes more towards the firm side than the soft side.


  • This is a no flip and no rotate mattress.
  • It comes with a twenty-year-old warranty.
  • It is made up of premium material.
  • It is very durable and long-lasting.


  • It is very expensive.


Here we have another of tempur-pedic luxury comfort mattress that your bed seeks. This best Tempurpedic for back pain offers you superior workmanship and is totally worth your money.

  • This is a 13.5-inch mattress specially designed for those to seek plush mattresses for sleep.
  • This best type of mattress for lower back pain has five layers in it.
  • The first layer is a removable cover that has the cool max ability where it absorbs the moisture during the heat.
  • The second layer is the comfort layer that has been specifically designed with Tempur-es material for comfort.
  • The third layer is the support layer that evenly distributes your weight all over the mattress and helps in the channeling of heat during night.
  • The fourth layer is the base layer which provides structure and dissipates heat from the mattress.
  • The fifth layer of this best Tempurpedic mattress for back pain is an adjustable base compatible.


  • It has an ultra-breathable design.
  • It is extremely soft and plush.
  • Removable cover for easy cleaning.
  • It is very reasonably priced as compared to others.


  • There is no proper information about its warranty and repair.
  • It might be a bit uncomfortable in the start.


We have another one of the best available mattresses by tempur-pedic. If you suffer from back pain or any back issue, then you need to get your hands on this best bed for lower back pain because it won’t only solve your problem but also give you a very royal feel.

  • It has been expertly engineered to be made with the most comfortable material that is very pressure relieving.
  • Moreover, this best mattress for back pain stays in contact with all parts of your body.
  • It comes with a hybrid technology where it has 1000 plus spring coils designed for easier movement.
  • It is accompanied by next-generation technology which means that it has zip-off, cool to touch upper layer, and a stretchable lower layer.
  • The upper cover is removable and washable.
  • Moreover, the upper cover moves heat away from your body as it is made up of ultra-high molecular weight yarn.


  • It comes with a ten-year warranty.
  • Durable and lasts very long.
  • It has a washable cover which means it stays away from dirt.
  • Moreover, it helps alleviate pressure points.


  • It might not be ideal for people who are looking for a firm bed.
  • It is a bit expensive.


We present to you one of a kind best mattress for lower back pain. You need to spend your money on this advanced mattress if you want a good outlook to your bed and comfort at the same time.

  • This best tempurpedic mattress for low back pain is 13 inches and is one of a kind.
  • It has a pure cool phase where the temperature drops down 10 degrees when you fall asleep.
  • Made up of tempur cm plus material which keeps the mattress ventilated.
  • It is a washable top cover which has a 360 degree zipper.


  • Has a cool to touch removable cover.
  • It adapts to your body’s needs.
  • Reduces motion transfer.


  • It is very expensive.


In conclusion, this brand is very well known all over the world and has produces some of the best mattresses known till now. It is a premium bed manufacturer and claims to be the best as well. We have given you the best options to choose from and I hope you find the mattress that keeps you satisfied.


Is memory foam good for your back?

Yes it is.

Plush vs firm mattress for back pain?

If you are suffering from back pain, go for a firmer mattress.

Are Tempur mattresses good for your back?

Yes they are.

How many years does a tempurpedic mattress last?

It can last for more than 7 to 8 years.

Are memory foam mattresses bad for your back?

No they are not.

What is the best mattress for lower back and hip pain?

Mattresses by tempur pedic.