Tell Tale Signs Your Friend Likes Your Boyfriend!

  1. She hangs out with you only when she knows your boyfriend will be around. She would skip an all girls meet but never skips a casual get together with your boyfriend. Take the hint; you’re being used as a tool here.
  2. If you see your friend playing with her hair very often (and that often is only when your boyfriend is around) it’s a sure sign she’s interested in your boyfriend.
  3. She gets touchy with your guy for no reason. We touch only what we like, a flower, a pup, a dress at a store. So if you find your friends hands on your man frequently, labelling it as casual and informal, get a grip.
  4. She texts him more often than she texts you. Having your boyfriends’ number is okay, being more than in touch with him isn’t.
  5. She’s warm and happy towards you when you both are chilling alone, but when he gets into the picture, she becomes all nasty and malicious.
  6. It seems like she dresses up for your boyfriend. This girl is all easy and chilled out when it comes to dressing, but she makes that extra effort when you all are hanging out with him.
  7. She is usually confident and self assured but when your guy is around, she constantly needs to be assured. This can be because she needs him to cheer her up and tell her how great she is, compliment her and be around her.
  8. She religiously tags along with you when she knows you have plans to meet him alone. This can really get overbearing.
  9. She expects him to pay for her coffee, drinks and an occasional buy. This can be alright once in a while but not freaking always.
  10. You’ve seen her get into the groove and even dirty dance with him. What on earth is she thinking?
  11. She sits next to him. In the movies, at the club and even on long drives. More so, she even takes the passenger seat when he’s driving.
  12. She laughs more than is required at his jokes. You probably pass a giggle and think the joke deserves that much, but she just cannot stop laughing at all the things even random.