Taylor Swift’s Style Evolution With Every New Love Affair!

It’s no secret that Taylor Swift has dated a string of men, each right after another, and while you’re still humming the tunes of her latest post break-up album, you read that this pretty thing is on to dating somebody else! But, have you noticed something else? Swift changes her style with every new love affair! And, if you doubt us, check for yourself!

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles

taylor- swift-harry-styles

One Direction star is known for his varsity jackets and tousled hair, and Swift have been emulating his style with quite ease.

Taylor Swift and Connor Kennedy


Since the Kennedy’s are the royalty of US, many eyebrows were raised when Swift, at 23 began dating with 18-year-old Connor. She soon took to tiny polka dots, demure flats, cape cod-chic Breton stripes, and wayfarers.

Taylor Swift and Chord Overstreet


Though the Glee star and Swift never commented on their relationship, people believe they have dated each other for a short time, in 2011. Swift can be seen in her casual, sporty attire while making an appearance with him at the L.A. hockey game.

Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal


Jake seems to have had a profound impact on Swift’s style. She skipped the red carpet and instead of it, chose unkempt hair and skinny jeans.

Taylor Swift and John Mayer


Despite a serious age gap, Swift and Mayer (35) dated for a period of 4 months. The break-up left Swift bitterly bitter, and Mayer who’s been a ladies’ man (dated Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Simpson), Swift quickly adapted the glam look and oozing sexiness.

Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas

taylor-swift-Joe- Jonas

Since Jonas dresses flamboyant and glitzy, Swift complimented him perfectly in that gold sequined dress and the two made a trendy couple.