Taurus: What Your Horoscope 2013 Says

(April 20- May 20) 

General Predictions for 2013

Love Life

Those, already in a relationship, will come closer to their beloved. Think twice before taking any move, on the romantic front. You need to be more understanding and flexible to keep your married life on track. Always keep the doors of communication open in your relationship. In the end of the year, you would get opportunities to nurture your relation.


A lot of travel is predicted for the businessmen, especially in the end of the year. You need to invest in modern technologies in order to cope with the competitors. Stars favour the job-seekers. Job changes are likely to take place, which would help to boost up your career.


Physically, you will remain fit, but, might suffer from mental stress. In order to refresh your mind, take a break from your work and plan a vacation with your family members. Have a healthy and balanced diet. Do regular workout. Take care of cleanliness and hygiene.

Domestic and Home Life

Except some minor conflicts, your overall domestic life will be harmonious and peaceful. Be tactful, while dealing with your family matters. You will get full support from your family members. Involve them in the decision making process.

Lucky Number– 6
Lucky Months– May, June, July and October
Lucky Colour– Lavender

Month wise Horoscope 2013


Your honesty, on the professional front, will be appreciated. Social recognition and rewards are likely to come your way. On the academic front, students need to improve a lot. Shun egoism in relationships. Sound health is foreseen.
Lucky Colour– Sandy Brown
Lucky Number– 9


You will make remarkable progress in your chosen field. Changes at your workplace or in job conditions may take place. Do something to live your love life. Social network will enhance. Don’t experiment with your health.
Lucky Colour– Turquoise
Lucky Number– 5


Keep your temper in control; otherwise it may affect your professional life. From a financial point of view, this month is good. Past investments would bring in lucrative returns. Love life is likely to remain stable. A get together with the close ones is on the cards. You will remain fit and energetic.
Lucky Colour– Navy Blue
Lucky Number– 17


Some of you could get the job of your choice. You need to bring some changes in your plans. Refrain yourself from any sort of arguments, as it may upset your domestic life. You might participate in a social event. Minor health issues are predicted.
Lucky Colour– Baby Pink
Lucky Number– 11


Advice of your superiors will help you to achieve the targets, on the professional front. A social issue might trouble you. Your relations with your lover will get strengthened. Students need to work hard in order to succeed in the competition. Health is good.
Lucky Colour– Golden
Lucky Number– 7


Financial changes are likely to take place. Social life will remain stressful. You might plan an outing with your beloved. You may remain inclined towards religious activities. Adapt the practice of yoga and meditation for a healthy mind.
Lucky Colour– All Shades of Green
Lucky Number– 5


Heavy workload at the workplace may keep you busy. Good educational opportunities are predicted for the students. Work on your weaknesses. On the professional front, you will get support from your spouse. Mental tension may impact your health.
Lucky Colour– Dark Red
Lucky Number– 18


On the professional front, try to tackle the things with a different attitude and you will definitely get the success. Businessmen need to implement new strategies to deal with the latest advancements. Domestic life is peaceful. Health aspects are excellent.
Lucky Colour– Golden Brown
Lucky Number– 18


You will get success in achieving your career goals. Several job opportunities are likely to come the job-seekers’ way. Due to monetary constraints, you may postpone your overseas trip. To protect yourself from the seasonal ailments, avoid roadside food.
Lucky Colour– Electric grey
Lucky Number– 8


Take things seriously at your workplace; otherwise you could make mistakes. Manage your finances in a planned manner. Your ego may affect your love life, so keep it aside while dealing with your beloved. Regular workouts will help you to remain fit.
Lucky Colour– Turquoise
Lucky Number– 15


You are likely to get appreciation for your performance at your workplace. There are good chances of promotion or salary hike. The whole month, you will enjoy social functions and parties. Harmony will prevail in the life of married couples. Students need to be more focussed on their studies. Your teeth and knees may trouble you.
Lucky Colour– Blue
Lucky Number– 4


Put a rein on your expenses. You will get complete support from your family members in your current endeavours. Don’t indulge in other’s matter. Love life will be satisfactory. A long business trip is predicted. Follow a healthy routine.
Lucky Colour– Lemon
Lucky Number– 1