Tanisha Mukherjee: An Agony Aunt or a Controversy Creator?

As the days are unfolding in the Bigg Boss house, people are revealing their real side on the show. Many seemed to be a positive and caring characters on day 1, but now the same faces have become two faced and unpredictable.


Last week Kamya blamed Ratan to be a fake and that she still doesn’t understand her nature, after being with her for four weeks. On the other hand, Ratan showed her hatred towards Tanisha by depriving her right to nominate. Now, everyone seems to have maintained distance from Tanisha because of her indifferent attitude towards inmates.  The day she started interacting with Armaan, her attitude got changed for everyone, and now she can be seen following Armaan all the time on the show.


In a recent episode, Tanisha got into a petty quarrel with Gauhar Khan, accusing her for not being fair on the show. Tanisha has been sharing a cold shoulder with Gauhar since the day she has been elected as the captain of the house. Recently, a task was given to all the inmates, in which heaven mates were supposed to maintain the peace in the house while hell mates were supposed to destruct things and earn a medal. Eventually, hell mates stood as the winners.


Tanisha blamed Gauhar for not being unbiased and also accused her for not charging any penalty against Kushal.  Following the task, instructions were given to all the inmates that only two people can enter the house area at one time and rest of the people will stay out in the garden area. Elli, on breaking the rule, entered the kitchen area to demand for oil on her Parantha. Gauhar requested Ellie to move out of the house as per rules. Ellie went back and narrated the whole incident to Tanisha, on which Tanisha threw a fit at Gauhar stating that she didn’t say a word to Pratyusha when she was sitting in the Veranda while she instructed Ellie to move out. Kamya, Pratyusha, and Kushal supported Gauhar as being a human, she cannot keep an eye on everything and she has other things to handle in the house.


So, on the whole, Tanisha created a negative image in front of almost every inmate and it got reflected clearly in the nominations on Monday. Now, do the audiences like Tanisha or they also think that she is a fake person who creates controversies; we will get to see in the evictions on Saturday.


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