11 Ravishing Blonde Hair Color Ideas for Tan Skinned Women

Tan skin blonde hair is a superb combo that is trending like crazy. Coloring your hair to blonde hair can be a task. It’s never as simple as waking up, choosing a color and just going with it. Other elements play a significant role in how your hair color will eventually turn out. Elements such as the undertone of your skin, your skin shade, etc.

On the other hand, if any color is worked with the right way it can be pulled off. But again, the spectrum of how dark or light that color should depend on your tan skin. If you choose the wrong hair color there are chances that your skin might even look dull.


Gorgeous Blonde Hairstyles for Tan Skin

When you have tan skin, it can be a little challenging to work with lighter colors. This is why we have come up with 11 girls with tan skin blonde hairstyle ideas for you.

1. Hail Grey

woman with grey hair and tan skin

Grey is one of the lowest pigments of blonde. Women with tan skin honestly can carry this long blonde hair with bangs gracefully. The undertone matches with skin perfectly and even so complement it. It is a great way to hide your greys if you have any.


2. Keep The Roots Dark

blonde hair dark roots for tan skin women

Having natural roots give you considerably gives you more freedom. Working in colors into your natural base is safer than coloring from your roots down. Dirty blonde hair with dark roots looks just ravishing on this tanned skin because of its warm undertone.


3. Light Blonde Hair

blonde hairstyles for women with tan skin

If you notice is this pictorial representation again, dark roots. Dark roots allow this seamless transition. It makes it easy on the eyes considering you are changing so much. The under color is also dark, which you can see peeping through the tan skin blonde hair.


4. Dark Blonde Hair

straight dark blonde hair for tan skin

This color has an auburn red undertone to it. Auburn red goes perfectly with the undertones of dark skin. No wonder, it makes another great alternative.


5. Snow Queen

white blonde short hair for tan skin women

Looking at this short hair color you are thinking, there is no way you could possibly pull this off. However, white blonde is one of the colors that goes extremely well with tan skin. Again you can have dark brown roots to ease the transition. But you will surprise your self with how good this tan skin blonde hairdo looks.


6. Beachy Honey Blonde Hair

Here is another potential variation to your hair color. In this hair color, you can see that there are certain portions of the blonde hair for tan skin that are dark. Whilst there are certain portions which are lighter. This gives variation and dimension.


7. All in One Blonde Hair

woman with tans skin and blonde highlights

This hair color is styled and more like highlights. Again, the roots are black which allows you to keep it natural. Those roots than later fade into different blonde pigments. These different blonde pigments don’t allow your hair to look flat. As a finished hair color look, all of the colors graciously compliment each other.


8. Ashy Blonde Hair

This hair color has an ashy tint to it, even though the blonde overall sways towards the whiter side. The ashy tint is what makes this hair color different. A perfect tan skin blonde hair look for women.


9. Platinum Blonde Hair

Barbie blonde is one of the colors you have probably seen a lot of tan women rock. One of the reasons for this is because of its golden undertone. Here again, you can see the roots are darker. But instead of using a dark brown, a more auburn brown is being used. Which then blends into this beautiful blonde.


10. Dark Blonde Lob

dirty blonde bob for women with tan skin

This hair color is perfect for you if you want to play it safe. Because there is absolutely no way that you could go wrong with this color. The majority of the base is auburn brown that suits tan skin undertones. The blonde highlights add a little bit of oomph, which is perfect.


11.  Icy Blonde Hair

icy blonde hair for women with tan skin

Short hairstyle with a blue tinge. This razored bob hairstyle is ideal for women with tan skin and blonde hair. An ideal look to go with your casual as well as professional attire.


Apart from paying attention to undertone to rock a hair color, there is one more important element. Confidence, don’t let anyone else decide what looks good on you. If you carry absolutely anything well, it automatically starts to look amazing. So, remember to color your hair, and walk out confidently. If you stick to these tan skin blonde hair you are easily going to be the center of attention.