Take Your Pick: Family or Friends?

Uh oh! Did we just read that, right? Are we supposed to make a choice between the most trusted pillars of our life? The question is as tough as it sounds, and the consequences that follow are sure to hinder either of the two unpicked relationships. To the sane minds, the obvious answer would be, “Both! I am so not choosing between the most important people of my life.” The home birds probably would rate their family more, and the freedom lovers can be more trusted with friends. But who on earth would say, “Neither”.


Let’s first define each of them. So a friend is a person who is supposed to be out rightly honest with you, sticks around when you want their support, and is quick to tell you about your blunders and errors. However, the question arises, as to how often have we spotted such individuals in our lives? In the current times, and judging the scenario as if you say you have “two best friends” you are more than lucky because even one is an enormity.

Now comes “the family”. That family, you are so used to being around, that you absolutely, totally, completely decide to negate their presence in your life. Even though, the term is overrated, you “take them for granted”. You think that they will stand by you forever, even when you are sorely mad and don’t even want them to be around at that point of time. They will stick. They will bond. Moreover, they will take your nonsense. Of course, you will take their garbage too. But that is how it is meant to be, partly because it is mandatory and partly because it is obvious. Think about it? Can you pick your parents from a queue of people and say, “Hey, I’ll call you mom and dad from now”. No!


We humans are, psychologically, mentally and biologically, conditioned to form a “habit” of just about everything. We may or may not like a person, but we develop a pattern with each one of them. So much so, that there absence pricks us and pains us in ways that we have failed to conceive before. Thus, realise the value of each person who is there in your life, be it a friend, family or acquaintance, because if you have met them, you’re sure to make a mind blowing, jaw dropping, earth shattering tale with them, and there is a definite reason to it. Embark on your journey and pick your people, before they decide to opt out of your story.