Take Care: Eyes are Precious

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It’s true that many of us splurge time in front of our computer screen. But have you ever thought it is disturbing our eyes so roughly that we can have visual problems.


It’s time to take serious measures; all we need is some changes in our computer viewing habits.

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Here we are giving you some important Eye care tips.

Take Your Time out with 20-20 Rule

  • I understand you people work really hard so while surfing your computer for a long time take a break and look around, concentrate on any object placed 20 feet far from you. It’s a good exercise for tired eyes.
  • To moisten your eyes blink your eyes at the interval of 20 minutes.

It’s All About a Blink

Do you know the average we blink our eyes is 12 times per minute but whenever we sit in front of computer, we just blink 5 times per minute. You can relieve this uneasiness of your eyes by using gel or artificial tear drops. Request to all people, don’t forget to blink.


We need to sit in a straight position at our workstation and keep rubbing our palm against your eyes to feel the warmth. It will help in smoothing your tired eyes. Then cover your eyes with your palm for at least 60 seconds to feel relaxed. Do this exercise three to four times a day, whenever you get worn-out.

Splash Water

Whenever you get break, don’t forget to splash water in your eyes to give it a little touch of freshness.

Use Tea-Bags

  • I will tell you one way to relax and wash-off all the fatigue of your office. Whenever you leave your house for office, just take one tea-bag and keep it in refrigerator.
  •  Once you are back home, place that chilled tea-bag on your eyes and stay cool. It will lighten up your eyes and you will feel rejuvenated.

Eat Healthy

  • Incorporate vitamin in your diet for eyes. We consider vitamin A, C and E as beneficial nutrients.
  • Start eating citrus fruits, like- tomatoes, spinach, leafy veggies, dairy products, and poultry.
  • You can also add carrots, fresh fruits, cucumber in your lunch box.