Hey Jelly Fish! Stay away from the Shores, You Might Evaporate!

Do you remember how Will Smith tortures himself to death, with the help of a jelly fish in Seven Pounds? Well! Yes, jelly fishes can be that intimidating when they are in water, but you’ll be surprised to know the.

32 Worst Parts of Being Tall

Are you the giraffe of your family, class, college, or an office? Well, being tall makes you dominant, but there are times when you are amidst of chaotic situations. Then you realize that being a giant can be a curse.

30 Happiest Facts of All Times That Will Make You Feel Warm and Fuzzy

Here are 30 facts that are sure to leave you smiling. You need this to help you know that this world still is a happy, shiny, lovely place. 1. If you fake laughing for a considerable amount of time, you’ll.

30 Undeniable Facts Those are Both Funny and True

There are some things that are unique to each one of us. But then there are some facts that are universally applicable. We’re all guilty of them or at least know half a dozen people who would be a part.

30 Psychological Facts You Did Not Know

Here are some fun and interesting facts that caught our attention! Hope they appear equally fascinating to you too. Read on and have a good time!     1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12..

10 ROFL Facts That Tell The Difference Between Girls and Guys!

1. Socializing Men socialize by insulting each other, but they don’t mean it. Women socialize by complimenting each other, and they don’t mean it either! 2. Cleanliness Do you agree? 3. Friendship No platonic love for this poor sex? 4..

5 Horror Film Clichés… Directors Please Take Care of it!

Here I am gonna mention some funny clichés of most of the modern horror films. We can see the characters doing almost similar things in every horror film, and still don’t learn from their mistakes. If I would be a.

20 Absolutely Shocking Facts From Across The World

Shocking Facts: 1. The most stolen food in the world is cheese. 2. Average women spend one full year of their lifetime in deciding what to wear.   3. Applying vodka to one’s face tightens the pores and reduces acne breakouts..