Facial Expressions of Bigwigs that will Make You Smile!

1. My beauty is not in a facial mode, it’s reflected in my soul! 2. My happiness seems no bound! 3. Hey guys! Do you like my poses? 4. My special appearance! 5. Don’t try to become Bipasha! 6. This.

Wife Sued by the Husband for Being ‘Ugly’

They say, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. This wasn’t the case with a man, from the Northern China. A Chinese man named, Jian Feng sued and divorced his wife for being ugly. This man was so much.

20 Most Weirdest and Yucky Ice Cream Flavors

“ICE CREAM”, the name is enough to bring water in your mouth. Isn’t it? I know everybody loves to eat ice creams. Which one is your favorite flavor? Chocolate, butterscotch, vanilla, strawberry or mango? But, do you mind having some.

Lipstick Bail Bonds: The One of a Kind Bail Bond Agents!

Operating in California, USA, Lipstick Bail Bonds is a bail bond company, which has attracted attention for its extraordinary characteristics. But let us first elaborate on what a bail bond agent or company does. Any person/corporation that acts as a.

10 Bollywood Celebs that Died Young

Bollywood and its celebs have been an integral part of our lives. Celebrities have been an inspiration for all of us. We adore our favorites and imitate their styles in our lives. They raise our eyebrows every time with their.

Top 10 Most Loved Street Foods of India

Are you a complete foodie and waiting to gulp down some of the most chatpate, roadside foods like me? Fancy hotels may have been a centre of attraction for people, but food freaks do have a soft corner for street.

Hey Jelly Fish! Stay away from the Shores, You Might Evaporate!

Do you remember how Will Smith tortures himself to death, with the help of a jelly fish in Seven Pounds? Well! Yes, jelly fishes can be that intimidating when they are in water, but you’ll be surprised to know the.

10 Utterly Stupid Products Ever Made!

World is a crazy place, full of weird people. You would believe me after seeing these 10 bizarre inventions, made by dim-witted people. We don’t know what they had in mind, while inventing these ridiculous products. Take a look –.

Damn! You Spelled My Tattoo Wrong!

Quite often, people regret when they get a misspelled permanent tattoos on them. Many people get it done under the influence of alcohol, or maybe they didn’t have access to spell-check. Here are some of those misspelled tattoos to make.

Top 10 Plastic Surgery Disasters: From Koena Mitra to Pamela Anderson

More often than they’d ever admit, celebs go under the knife to attain that perfect beauty and appearance, which make the men go weak in their knees, and women die with envy. But you know what, God never differentiated between.