8 Important Tips for Couples on Facebook

Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter has swapped the importance of air, water and food, and changed the definition of the fundamental elements to stay alive.  You can post your heart contents out on these sites and share or.

13 Superb Conversation Starters with a New Guy

To meet a new guy is a big deal and the bigger deal is to begin a conversation. For girls, it becomes really difficult to start a friendly conversation. Getting started with a conversation is indeed more difficult when you.

12 Surprising Things You didn’t Know about Facebook Yet

1. Facebook- The breakup room In 2011, every 3rd divorce filed, contained the term ‘Facebook’.  The most common reasons cited for the divorce were inappropriate messages to the opposite sex, Facebook friends reporting about spouse’s behavior, etc. 2.  Get paid for.

Boo, the Cutest Dog in the World, with 6.9 Million FB Fans

Tell us, who has millions of fans on facebook? Read more, a book deals too…A film star, pop singer, or may be a spiritual guru, or anything else? Nope! This time, when we inform you about this fabulous life, we.

20 Funny Nail Art Designs that are Incredibly Cute

So, after 18 Prettiest French Nail Arts, we have got for you 20 funniest ever nail art designs, that will sure gonna give you a nice smile on your face. 🙂 We are sure, you would love them all. 1..

The Guy Who Is Creeping People Out On Facebook- Ryan Roy

How’d you feel if you receive a friend request on Facebook, and you have to look twice at the guy’s profile picture coz it’s somewhat exactly like your profile picture? Well yeah! We have a lot of free people in.

Find out the Hidden Meaning of Your Friends’ Facebook Statuses!

When it comes to social networking, Facebook needs no introduction! More than 10 billion status updates! Does that figure surprise you? Not me! Of course, more than 10 billion… much much more! After all, Facebook statuses can range from quotes to life.

5 Things Your Guy is Afraid to do in Front of You!

I’ve always seen guys gushing about how women are afraid to do certain things in front of men… Farting for instance! 😛 Well, yes maybe we are, but who says that guys are the fearless creatures that they claim to.

15 Reasons why Some Facebook Couples Suck!

We all have that one (or more) annoying friend in our friend lists who keeps updating us about their what-so-ever love life (even when you are not interested!) So, well this one goes to all those falling into the list.

Boobs or Elbows?

Well, elbows are great and so are boobs (greater maybe!) But they are different… Way too different from each other. Right? You and me are fine with it but seems like Facebook has some problem in telling the two from each other..