DIY: 11 Steps to Make a Trendy Sailor Collar at Home

Sailor collars, these days are one of the trendiest and sophisticated collars that go with almost every outfit. And, with few easiest and simplest steps we are going to teach you that how to make this trendy pattern at home.

5 Minutes Neutral Eye Makeup Step-by-Step Tutorial!

Neutral eyes and pop lips are just the trend! This is a makeup which you can wear to your office or while going for a casual lunch. Just perfect for the daytime! Here’s a step by step tutorial for everyday.

Easy and Eye-catching DIY Flower Cushion Covers for your Home!

Finding plain cushion covers is pretty easy, but finding the kind that would suit your choice and taste, can be quite complicated. And, who wouldn’t like these adorable pillow-covers? You can set them up in your room, gift to your.

Shoe Lace DIY Craft with Cardboard for your Kids!

This one’s strictly for the kids! We’ve been doing a lot of detailed stuff out here, so we thought of doing something that is easy, practical, and provides some quick learning for the kids. To all the mommies out there,.

The Prettiest Neon Lace Necklace DIY!

Let’s do something out of the box today, once again! We have made earlier ‘DIY necklace with ringlets’ which was unquestionably a fresh idea. This time, we have come up with another super cool initiative to make a unique necklace.

DIY Chocolate Facial at Home

Do you want to know the beauty secrets of Hollywood beauties, to stay youthful beyond their years? Well, it’s yummy chocolate! Acne, blemishes, tanning or wrinkles, chocolate is a good remedy for getting rid of all these skin problems.  Although.

How to Make Vitamin C Serum at Home: DIY

Vitamin C serum is an amazing product for your skin. It’s a marvellous anti-oxidant that repairs and prevents free radical harms to the skin, stimulates the production of collagen, protects your skin from ultraviolet rays, and reduces scars and wrinkles..

DIY Manicure at Home Like a Pro

Our fingers and hands regularly get in touch with various chemicals, while scrubbing the floor to washing the dishes. We get so indulged in household activities that we forget to pamper our hands. Let’s spend some time for your own.

5 Extremely Lovely DIY Flower Vase Ideas

Vase 1: Vase of textured clay Things you’ll need: Step 1: Draw a design on the surface of your vase, using puffy paint (choose a lighter colour so that it will not show later). Quick tip: If you are not.

Be in Flash with this Stunning DIY Party Hairdo

As holidays begin, we usually have a list of parties to attend. I’m sure you would never like to rock the party wearing the same outfit again! Then, why to do that with your hairdo? It’s time to dazzle with.