Tinsel Town Actresses and their Lucky Amulets

Who says that only uneducated people believes in lucky charms or superstitions? Our tinsel town is also driven by superstitions! Yeah, it’s true! Here are some Bollywood actresses, who affirm the magic of their lucky charms. 1. Vidya Balan    .

10 B-wood Sex Scandals that Traumatized Us

The glamour and glitz of the tinsel town attracts every youth of the country, but the truth is something else! A world of dark secrets lies behind this glitz. For a long time, B-wood has the tradition of casting couch.

Top 18 Bollywood Stars who Turned Singers

Over 50 years back, the legendary Ashok Kumar, K.L.Saigal and Kishore Kumar became popular as actor-singers. It seems like several B-stars are trying to follow their footsteps. That’s why; several top tinsel town actors and actresses have turned singers. Take.

From Playback Singing to Acting on the Big Screen

Along with a melodious voice, these singers have got awesome looks. After creating a benchmark in the music industry, they have made a successful acting debut on the Big Screen. Here is the list of Bollywood actors/actresses, who opted the.

On-screen Stepmoms: Then & Now

Mother is given the Goddess-like stature in human’s life. Bollywood has also depicted mother as an epitome of enduring devotion and unconditional love. As the word ‘step’ adds before mother, the whole picture changes. Stepmom is always imagined as a.

Bollywood Actors’ Most Flaunted Talismans

Most of the bollywood actresses have a luck factor in their lives.  In this matter, Bollywood actors are no exception! Whether it’s about sporting gem stones or walking unshod to Siddhivinayak, tinsel town actors don’t get bothered for anything. Here.

Top 10 Turbaned Heroes in Tinsel Town

Top 10 Turbaned Heroes in Tinsel Town The Indian film industry has always been fascinated by the Punjabi culture. We have spotted our beautiful actresses wearing Punjabi costumes and shaking their legs on Punjabi music, in several movies. Now, it.

15 Tinsel Town Hunks that Rocked with Moustaches

It has been said, “A man without a moustache is like a cup of tea without sugar.” Bollywood actors from the bygone era used to grow moustaches. Aasrani, Jitendra and Anupam Kher sported staches in Sholay, Parichay and Shola Aur.

15 Top Most Fashionable Men of India

Gone are those days when men were not used to of taking care about how they look. In fact, these days’ men are too aware about their appearances. Just like women, they are too obsessed with fashion. Some Indian men.

12 Celebrity Couples who Look Odd Together

Opposite attracts! This thought is well-justified by some celebrity couples who found love in the oddest people around. There are some couples who look like ‘a match from heaven’, while some are like ‘oh God, please spare us’. But whatever.