Get the Looks of a Supermodel in Minutes

Most of the gals out there wish to look like a supermodel. Am I right? From dresses to hair, you take care of every minor thing, but still do you feel that something is lacking to achieve that great look?.

Get the Flawless Look by Just Spending 10 Minutes a Day

Yes, it’s true that “The beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. But, beautiful face is equally important if you really want to be a head turner. You do everything to obtain that fresh looking skin, but instead of.

10 Amazing Face Washes That You Should Really Try This Summer

Our daily skin care regime begins with a cleanser or face wash, and hence, it should be effective and the best from the rest. You should always pick the best face wash according to the weather and your personal skin.

7 Makeup Tips for Dark Skinned Beauties

Choosing the right makeup for the right skin tone can be extremely challenging task, especially if you are dark and picking up stuff for yourself. Makeup colors and tone vary drastically from one skin tone to other and one should.

Alert Ladies! Don’t Buy Fake Cosmetics, Here Is How

It is pretty easy to tell Mark Jacobs from Marc Jacobs and the Guchi from Gucci bags, but unfortunately, we can’t say the same when it comes to cosmetics. The cosmetics’ industry is huge and so is its counterfeit. Fake.

DIY: Tested Skin Care Remedies

Everyone is born with different type of skin. Skincare is one of the important steps in daily care regime. Not only women, but men are equally conscious about well being of their skin. There can be nothing cheaper than and.

15 Amazing Concealers that You Must Try

Concealers are one of the crucial things when it comes to makeup. Many of you skip concealers assuming that it is more or less like a foundation and foundation can do the work of a concealer. But, you are mistaken.

Fiery Nail Art: The Perfect One to Spice-Up Your Attire

Nail art is perhaps the hottest selling trend in the world of fashion and makeup. It is an art that terrifically transforms your dull and pale nails to stunning ones. There is a variety of nail arts to get done.

Tested Tricks on Highlighting and Contouring

Face is the most important part of your body that needs to be highlighted at each gathering you step into. But, there are a few facial parts that need more highlighting and drama to ooze out the glamour quotient in.

6 Brilliant Eye Liner Ideas for You to Try This Season

Eyes are the primary part of your body that gets noticed at the very first sight. Every girl tries to create the most dramatic and luscious eyes to catch the attention towards her. Eyeliner is perhaps a girl’s favorite makeup.