Bollywood Bigwigs Endorsing Tourism in States

They have the charisma to spellbind the mass and garner advantages out of it. FMGC, fashion, automobile and beverage industries used their stardom to reap the huge benefits. The credibility and star value of these celebs also mesmerized the state.

15 Top Most Fashionable Men of India

Gone are those days when men were not used to of taking care about how they look. In fact, these days’ men are too aware about their appearances. Just like women, they are too obsessed with fashion. Some Indian men.

9 Most Unusual Onscreen Couples of Bollywood

Bollywood has given some of the amazing and foremost onscreen couples, whom we love to watch together, as they have sizzled the screen with their charm and chemistry. Some of those hot couples were off course, the ultimate Rekha-Amitabh, Kajol-Shahrukh.

Know How Educated are your Favourite Bollywood Celebrities

We have all seen these Bollywood hunks and divas on screen and graded them for their style, fashion and acting, but have we ever thought about their educational grades? Some of the stars are over qualified, others are qualified, and.

Top 8 Disloyal Men’s Brigade in Bollywood

Bollywood is a place where nothing remains stable and forever. Relationships are also unstable and full of infidelity. Some actors are the biggest infidels of the film industry.  Shahrukh Khan was one of the loyal hubby, until the day his.

Bollywood Celebs and their Favourite Holiday Destinations

Bollywood stars work extremely hard in acting, and later, for promoting their films. They spend most of their time in shooting; so naturally, when they get a chance to go for a holiday they choose the best destination, where they.

16 Best Double Roles Bollywood Has Ever Seen

It seems that the formula of twins is a sure-fire key to success for Bollywood movies. The audiences of different theatres have responded to these roles with fascination! Here is a list of some best- remembered dual roles: 1. Dev.

Bollywood Kings and their Magnificent Castles!

These B-stars are world famous for their acting. Outside film industry, in their personal lives, they are the king of castles! These actors possess lavish and splendid houses. Do you want to know where your favorite B-stars reside? If yes,.

Top 8 Most Stylish Men Around The World!

Men! Can’t live with them, can’t live without them. We bring to you a list of the most stylish men from around the world, those who dress impeccable, make you go all weak in the knees, are the cause of.

Top 5 Bollywood Parties of 2012

5. Salman Khan’s Eid Party:  Our Dabang Khan brings his Dabang style in, when it comes to throwing parties. Famous for his girlfriends and parties, this superstar while rocking his way, knows it well how to win more and more.