Super Weird Obsessions of Our Super Cool Celebs

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The Bollywood stars are obsessed with something or the other.  When you are rich, you have to flaunt them in some ways. Whether it is SRK’s obsession for games, Aishwarya’s love for watches, John Abraham’s craze for bikes, or Kareena’s fitness mania, the B-town boasts a number of stars and their wealth draining obsessions. Here, I will tell you about those celebrities who top the list of high-priced obsessions.

Shah Rukh Khan


He is a car enthusiast, and gadget and gaming freak. He keeps himself updated with all the latest gadgets and gaming stuff. He is so obsessed with the gadgets and video games that he has dedicated a whole floor in his house for the latest games. Whenever he is free, he plays those games with his kids. One can find every latest gaming console in SRK’s gaming zone. I must say, his kids are so lucky.

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John Abraham


He is an ardent bike lover, and he treats his bikes as his babies. His first bike was Yamaha RD350; his second affair was with a Kawasaki ZX Ninja bike, and later followed with Hayabusa. When he had Hayabusa, he was dating Bipasha Basu, and in an interview he said that he loves his Hayabusa more than Bipasha, and he can’t allow anyone to touch his bike. Rumor has it that he also loves collecting helmets, and he has a different helmet for every day.

Priyanka Chopra


There is an entire brigade of gadget freaks in Bollywood. Now, I’m adding to the list, a very gorgeous Priyanka Chopra.  She says that she is a “self-confessed tech-nerd”. She has every latest gadget that hits the market. Nokia N-8, I pad, IPod, Iphone, Nikon E7 Communicator, D 90, and Mac Book Pro are stashed in her kitty.

Sanjay Dutt


Bollywood’s new ‘kancha cheena’ is obsessed with tattoos, and he is highly obsessed with his body fitness.  He is very particular about his built and physique. He cannot compromise anything for it. He is an inspiration to the youngsters who desire to have a body built similar to his. He loves to spend hours in gym and keep his body in a perfect shape.

Sonam Kapoor


We won’t talk about her acting skills, but here, we will talk about her fashion sense. She is obsessed to wear branded attires, and she calls herself a “self-confessed fashion freak”. She is a fashionista of Bollywood, and she has the grace to carry herself in whatever she wears. Her wardrobe is full of big brands like Marc Jacobs, Prada, Armani, Gucci, and Chanel and yes, some Swarovski clutches. She has obsession towards branded handbags, and she coordinates them really well with all her dresses.

Arjun Rampal


He is in love with fast cars, and highly obsessed with the colour black. You can see him wearing black colored classy Armani suits in events and award functions, or in parties. His obsession for black is at its height as all the cars he owns are in black. He and his wife share the same kind of obsession. They together own black BMW X5 3.0i, Porsche, F1 tested Mercedes MCLaren, and a black Toyota Corolla. Don’t you get confused Arjun?

Kareena Kapoor


She is a sizzling beauty in Bollywood, famous for the size zero figure. After attaining zero size figure, she became obsessed to maintain it. She became inspiration of many young girls who wanted to get their body in desired shape. She used to spend 3-4 hours in the gym and did power yoga for hours, to keep her weight balanced.  But unluckily, she couldn’t maintain the size zero figure for long. Kareena come on, how could you? I guess you didn’t show passion towards your obsession.

Amisha Patel


This cute and bubbly actress didn’t gain much fame in Bollywood, but gaining fame has nothing to do with obsessions.  Well, she is highly obsessed with handbags, and she treats them as her kids.  She always buys a top quality handbag, and never compromises in paying heavy bucks for them. She owns handbags of almost every big brand, and won’t even mind to add more and more to it. This is what we label as an absolute obsession.

Lara Dutta


She is a former Miss Universe and a Bollywood actress, and she is completely crazy about shopping. We can definitely use the word shopaholic for her.  She loves collecting anything, which she finds to be fascinating, and she buys all the brands or no brands that comes her way. However, she is highly obsessed about shoes, she can buy as many as possible, and she doesn’t think at all before buying a pair of it. She calls herself a “self confessed shopaholic”.

Call it their ultimate obsession or insanity, but they are hardly bothered with what you think. For them, their obsession for things (shoes, clothes, cars) or fitness is everything, and nothing else matters to them.