Sunsilk Damaged Hair Reconstruction Range Review

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Well, honestly, we’ve never been too fond of Sunsilk, but this product by Sunsilk Co-creations happily surprised us. Though everyone has used Sunsilk at some point in their lives, we hardly know anyone who is a huge fan of the brand. And then, the market got flooded with Dove and L’oreal, and everyone forgot their childhood hair expert. But now, Sunsilk has made a comeback with the Damaged Hair Reconstruction Range. And yes, it’s a totally awesome, must-try product!


Product Background

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The founder of Bobsoho Salon, Thomas Taw of London, who is well known for repairing damaged hair, has co-created the most advanced hair reconstruction formula by Sunsilk. It gives smoothness and restores health to your hair. The olive nutria complex, which it contains, nourishes every strand of hair, reconstructs the hair surface and fills all the cracks.


The shampoo and conditioner come in a bright orange bottle, which makes the packaging attractive and sturdy (you can easily locate it on the super store shelves). It is pearly white in color, and the texture is runny. It lathers well and does not leave your hair oily or greasy.

For best results, condition your hair post shampooing. It is easily available, light on the pocket (Rs. 56 for a 90 ml bottle), mild and pleasant fragrance, flip cap packaging, and has been co-created by a hair expert. It leaves your hair shinier, softer, smoother, and your scalp super clean, without ripping the moisture out of your hair. It reinforces your hair structure, and the rich formula penetrates through the damaged locks.

The Nano-Serum technology uses serum particles from root to tip, to repair the severe hair damage. Try the product and believe the results! You might want to buy another round when you run out of your current stock!