Sultan to Die Soon in Madhubala- Ek Ishq Ek Junoon


If sources are to be believed, then Madhubala is going to take a yet another interesting twist in episodes to come. It has been reported that Sultan, currently the main antagonist of the show is going to be killed very soon. Avinesh Rekhi, who is playing as Sultan in the show, is rumored to be leaving the show very soon, which has given even more weight to this new twist in the show.


In last one month, show has witnessed so many twists and curves. Few episodes back, Sultan apparently got killed by RK, which put RK behind bars. Then all of a sudden, Sultan makes a hidden entry in Madhubala’s life, compelling her to give divorce to RK. But, RK being witty smells the fishy side of the story, and reaches to the reality behind their divorce. Finally, Madhu accepts Sultan as a reason to her behavior, and gets back to RK.


Now, who is going to kill Sultan? RK or Madhubala, that remains a big mystery. But, one thing for sure is that audience will be more than happy to see Madhu getting back to her hero RK, and no one is going to be sad about Sultans’ death.