Style up in ‘Neon’: Quick Tips

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Remember the good old 80’s, when some of our old B’town actors wore yellow and orange pants! Well, the days are back…ya ya I know men in orange pants are an instant turn off, but am talking about you ladies here!

I say it’s a brilliant idea to splash some colors into your wardrobe! If you second that statement, you are just in time. The neon’s are so hot this season and after seeing them all over the runway for spring and summer collection 2012, it is obligatory to have these in your wardrobe. Be it the ladies casual lunch, the most awaited shopping spree or a regular office day, these bright goodies are your ultimate style weapon.

Now, you wonder they do look hot on Giselle and Gwen but what about the ‘mango people’ like us! Here, I am gonna tell you how to get it right and have the heads turn when you pass by…

  • Diffuse the shock: wear your neon pants with neutral colors like plain black, white or grey and the bright color gets subtle nicely! The look works great for the office.

  • Shock me more: conversely, if you are in the ‘get noticed’ mood today, go for a bright colored top complimenting your pants and it’d be impossible for any eye to escape that look of yours! We love color blocking! Try, I say!

  • The show stealer: ditch those pretty lil dresses for the cocktail party this evening and go for your neon pants with something classy and you are ready to stand out among those jealous ladies out there!
    P.S. am sure you have something in your wardrobe to compliment, have a look, mix and match! Rule!

  • Belt that waist: the belt looks great with these pants! Neon belt with subtle pants or vice versa and you are good to go!
  • Footwear: flats, heels or wedges, keep them dark colored! Preferably black and nude!
  • Bag:  go for solid colored bags while you are wearing the bright colors and vice versa again! The slings love these colors!

If you are the shy one and thinking about trying with a little, hold that thought! You can try it in bits at first…like a neon bag, watch or just wear a blazer on that bright cheery outfit and you will be committing no fashion crime. Wear a solid colored outfit and couple it with neon pumps. neon manicure would be a good idea too!

Not so hot

As hot as you can look in neon, there are chances you completely mess that look and end up looking like a ‘walking rainbow’!
Do not dress and accessorize in neon from head to toe.
Always couple neon dress with solid colored or nude accessories.

Our very own B’ town drenched in the neon colors