Stop Killing the Innocence – Abortion in India


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Don’t ignore the topic! As our layman attitude has already contributed much in this context. We, as Indians, always preferred sons over daughters which led us to many disastrous situations.As per a recent report by the preliminary censuses, the niggling population imbalance in India is apparent to everyone’s eyes.The term refers to the induced abortion of  female pregnancy. The facts itself are so terrible that it represents a culpable depiction of our alleged ‘developing’ country.

What does the Stats Say ?

You won’t be surprised with the fact that 1947 was the last year, when the lowest ratio of abortion was recorded as per the census. Though the television shows, like ‘satyamev jayate’ and ‘crime patrol’, have left an enormous impact on people’s mentality and the abortion number seems to dip in. However, a huge number of abortions still have been traced in 2008, in India. In 12,510 institutions, 6.41 lakhs of abortions are permitted to conduct MTP (Medical termination of pregnancies).

The more you go in-depth, the more you’ll realize that we always acted as an ignorant, but never took the stand to stop such crimes and put the criminals behind bars.This article is written to trigger a thought of consciousness among the crowd, so that a concrete action must be taken.

Who are Involved in This Henious Act ?

We smoothly put all the blame on the poor and illiterate families to be the superior culprit of this ghastly crime. But, to unveil the utmost crucial truth, I’ve some other facts for you. Mumbai, being one of the biggest metro cities, also rules in the number of abortions.According to the report, there were about 95,332 abortions that took place in the year of 2011 and crossed more than 1.11 lakhs in March 2012 (statistics released by the directorate of health services-DHS).The involvement in crime was noticed mostly of the middle class to a higher class families.

It’s disgustingly portrays that the harshness of this crime is still leading to abundant deaths in pre-mature ages of females.And, it makes the truth more appalling.

Have a Look at a Recent Case:

There was an incident that took place recently in Vijayawada on 9th August, 2012. A teenage unmarried girl of about 15-18yrs of age  died due a ruthless bungled abortion. As per the police, the girl was trapped by a young man with a promise of marriage, who later on completely isolated her. The victim’s parents failed to get that culprit, and forced the girl to get the baby aborted. The nurse of a personal clinic, D Vijaya Kumari, tested to do the abortion without any doctor’s assistance. She told the police that she injected  the baby with the salt solution which turned poisonous for the baby.This burned his skin which ultimately led to the death.

Investigation of the case is still going on. Hunt for the criminal will go on. But nothing will happen…

K Sujatha Rao, the Union health secretary, makes it clear that 8% of mother’s mortality in our country is due to the insecure abortion. It denotes that the decline in abortion rate will automatically decrease the mortality figures.

Word to the Wise

The incident sheds lights on various drawbacks of our system and society. Our appeal is principally for those who still believe in killing the innocent in order to save their own reputation, and also to those who don’t accept a girl child.We’d like to request people to think thousand of times before they go for conducting such a repugnance sin. A life taken is a life given.