Stay Trendy and Sophisticated this Monsoon

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We all have fretted over the scorching heat for quite some time. Now, it is the time when we can feel extremely invigorated with bucketing downpour. But, the rainy season brings along irritating scenario like sloppy roads, crowded places, flooding, and water logging everywhere, and that is something we loathe the most about the season. Rains can really destroy the whole class and style of any “fashionholic” woman, with its terrible and irritating effects. But, don’t panic, as a little precaution and preparation can really make you look chic and sassy as you always look. We are suggesting you the best of everything, from hair-do to footwear, to wear this rainy season.


Rains tend to make the texture of your hair very wavy and frizzy. But there are a number of ways to combat waves and frizz, and look chic at your workplace.




Just flip your hair over, and make a nice ballerina bun that would not only hide the waviness, but will also go well with your attire.



Even if your hair has developed waves, don’t panic, and simply convert it into a high pony tail that will add to your hot-o-meter.



If you have a super long hair, then you can bring them to one side, and sculpt them into a cute side braid, for a bubbly look. More the moisture will enter it, messier and sexier it is going to become.


Monsoon calls for two qualities when it comes to makeup- ‘water-proof’ and ‘light makeup’. These two are quintessential to-  beat the adverse effects of monsoon and stay beautiful.



One should choose a makeup base that is completely water resistant, and close to your natural skin tone. But, if you already have a perfect skin tone with few spots, we suggest you to eliminate powders from your list, and welcome only concealer in your kit.



Go for water-proof mascara as normal mascara would smudge under humid conditions. Makeup Gurus recommend going for natural and sheer tones of eye shadows, to combat the dark weather outside.



Use a mousse or a cream-base blush to highlight cheeks, as they would do well under humid weather. You can also apply a lipstick shade that will add a creamy texture to your cheeks, during monsoon.



For lips, gloss is a big no as it cannot withstand humid weather, and will wash off easily and quickly. Go for a high quality lipstick that is water resistant. You can go for hues of red or similar bright tones. It is strictly advisable to test these products prior to buying, to avoid the makeup disasters later on.



We advise you to wear light and breathable fabrics like chiffon, cotton, georgette, and such fabrics that do not get heavy, even when you get drenched in rains, and they get dried up on time. Avoid wearing suede, corduroy, and velvet as they take a long time to get dry.

We all hate that splash of water by speedy cars in monsoon, which make denims and long skirts mud-laden. Short skirts, hot pants, ankle length denims, and cropped pants are a big yes during monsoon.


And also, we highly recommend you to stay away from whites during the whole season, to protect your whites from stubborn stains.



Jelly shoes or rubber shoes rule the monsoon with their bubbly and fresh appearance. Moreover, they do not get damaged by the rain water. They are the best alternative during monsoon as you just have to keep a pair of them in your bag, and don’t give up on your designer shoes all the time. Whenever it rains, just take them out and flaunt with these bright and colorful jelly ballerinas and slip-ons.


You can doll up during monsoon, as well, and there is no limitation of adding style and class quotient to your wardrobe.

Opt for stylish scarves that will not only add style, but will also protect from contagious monsoonal ailments like the common cold and cough.


While choosing from hand bags, always go for the patent leather bags that are not only water resistant, but also easy to clean when wet. Do not compromise on style, and splurge on a sophisticated patent leather hand bag.


And, the most important accessory to carry during monsoon is an umbrella. But do not opt for anything and everything in umbrella; pick utterly stylish and sophisticated umbrella to suit your personality. We suggest you to choose the bright colors and bold prints, while selecting an umbrella, and always remember to choose a big umbrella as small ones would be useless in protecting you against rains.


So, do not opt for anything conventional or stereotypical, this rainy season, and pick from amongst the best of apparels and accessories, which will keep you trendy and classy, as always, and will make you ‘reign over rain’.