Stay Chic in your Pregnancy

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Dear ladies, do you know you can standout in your maternity period with elegant, graceful dresses that magnify femininity and prettiness at their best? Certainly yes, you can!  During this period, your belly and breast merge into one- you appear an apple on stick. It seems almost impossible to you to look fashionable during the pregnancy, but it is possible. There are stylish and comfortable dresses designed specially, for pregnant moms.

During your pregnancy you need easy and comfortable outfits but at the same time you would prefer fashion desire to stay in fashion.  Undoubtedly, the period of pregnancy is long and tough. You’ve to take care of hundreds of things. In this time, you definitely look out for clothes which are comfortable and also easy to wear to ease out your problems to some extent. You may pick large and baggy dresses or tights with elastic material to stretch on your stomach in order to avoid any kind of effect on your fetus.

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We bring some dresses to you to match all your tastes and keep you stylish even in your pregnancy period-

1. Replace cardigans with fun arty blazers. They are great business or office casuals for your baby-belly period. This blazer sharp jacket is comfortable to be worn.


2. The Double Layered Nursing Top is stylish modern wear for the new mom. This top is great for your post delivery period. It makes baby feeding stress free and easy.


3.  This Floral Printed Maternity dress is elegant and comfortable to be worn during the pregnancy.


4.  Round neck button- full sleeves enclosure is a flexible and stretchy wear for the expecting woman. This top will fit you perfectly with your changing size and shape of your belly during the pregnancy. It is a must try to wear for the phase of maternity.


5.  This v-necked collar casual top is comfortable and fashionable. It looks great when paired with casual bottoms and jeans.

v-necked collar casual top

6.  Those days are gone when maternity tunics used to be plain and boring.  Tunic with drop waist tie and short sleeves are easily available in market and also affordable. They are suitable for layering over a pair of jeans. They can be worn with leggings too for a comfy feel.


7.   Dungaree Skirt is a comfortable, smart piece yet stylish. Front panel got adjustable buttons and buckled straps in order to adjust your growing baby belly.


8.  This flowing silhouette is not too fitting or too tight. It stretches all over your belly. It is a great wear for the pregnancy period.


9.  The basic long sleeve tee is a comfortable and trendy maternity wear. It can be layered with jeans.


10.  To lend definition to your figure, V-neck empire waist maternity top is a great option. It will accentuate your embryonic bust-line. Throw an open-short cardigan or blazer to even out your proportions. Since, low belly makes the look legs stumpy, so layer it with boot cut, dark colored pants or stretch, slightly point flat denim in order to wear long legs look.

V-neck empire-blazer

When you choose a dress for your maternity period, ensure whatever dress you choose must be comfortable and eases your body movements.