11 Stacked Layered Bob Hairstyles for A Glam Look

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If you are searching for something cheeky and in vogue stacked layered bob cut will be the ideal decision. It is astonishing how another trendy hairstyle can change your whole complete style. The stacked layers can be seen behind the back, and essentially it needs to be done in all respects decisively by a professional.

It is important to pick a place and beautician who is well-known for it. There are different lengths of this hairstyle, too short, medium or lengthy. What’s more, there are numerous variations you can go for, from shading decisions to tense components.

To make your sway pop much more, try being a little daring, get your hair dyed with some lively hues, for instance, red, blue or purple. It looks amazingly fresh, vibrant and bangs up to date. This is an extraordinary style to add volume and profundity to fine hair on the grounds that the layers are explicitly made to do only that.


How to Cut Stacked Layered Bob

How to Cut Stacked Layered Bob

The stacked bob haircut with layers in contrast to the conventional one differs in terms of the jaw-length. The graduated bob layers are stacked at the scruff, consequently the name. Essentially, you get a modified A-line at the front and shorter stacks blended at the back. Since it’s trimmed in continuous layers, this layered and stacked bob haircut picks up a ton of volume and surface. Things you need to keep in mind;

  • Watch out for a similar length at the front.
  • Draw strands from the two sides.
  • Make sure about even stacking at the back.


Watch The Following Tutorial to Learn How to Cut Stacked Layered Bob Haircut


Choppy Layered Bob vs Stacked Layered Bob

Choppy Layered Bob vs Stacked Layered Bob

The choppy layered bob gives a phlegmatic boho look, while stacked layered bob gives an elegant finish. The difference between both haircuts is the way the layers are cut. In stacked layered bob, the hair at the back is cut into layers in a way that they are stacked one under the other. Generally, the stacking of the layers is hardly recognizable, it is very soft and low. However, some woman like those layers to be short and recognizable.

To crown it all, the hair takes a shape like that of a horseshoe at the end of a layered stacked bob, with a less pointed front. In simple words, choppy bob is more like getting your hair shortened to the nape of your neck but with full layers. It serves the woman with heavy hair the best, it adds a gorgeous amount of texture to the hair, there is no one-length.

There are several stylish and classy renditions of the graduated layered bob. These sophisticated variations are more accustomed to business suave women who have an exquisite splendor to keep up. You’ll see several women who are taking care of businesses, wearing these sorts of hairstyles. They want to look competitive, professional and daring for the top of the line employment. Unlike choppy layered bob, stacked bob with layers conveys an increasingly proficient and not exactly as a lively and funky air in them.


Popular Stacked Bob Hairstyles with Layers

Here are top 11 stacked layered bob hairstyles for women:

1. Modern Razored Bob

modern stacked layered bob

The typical stacked layered bob usually isn’t accompanied by bangs, and that’s the original beauty of it. It is easier to carry your hair when they’re not that short at the front. If you want that for yourself, a bob without bangs would serve you best. Looks, even more, better on highlighted hair!


2. Wavy Short Layered Bob

wavy stacked layered bob

While the graduated bob is like the A-line haircut, there are unmistakable distinctions. When in doubt, style your perfectly angled stacked bob cut with layers & subtle waves. It gives it a rich texture, which looks amazing.


3. Long Stacked Layered Bob

Long Stacked Layered Bob for Women

Not every woman fancies short length of their hair. But you can always bring flair to your beautiful straight long hair with a classy stacked layered lob cut and bangs. To make it even more charming, feel free to add highlights to your hair!


4.  Short Angled Bob with Red Highlights

stacked layered bob with bangs and highlights

Every woman loves to add the trendy panache to their looks. Well, then you must bring on the crimson red highlights to your hair and then get a stacked layered bob cut with bangs. An on-trend sassy look!


5. Short Purple Hair

vibrant stacked layered bob hairstyles

Finally, something inveigling for the young rebels. How about a boho-chic hairstyle? Get your hair dyed in purple with icy blue undertones and let your stacked bob cut with layers flow in colors.


6. Medium Layered  Bob with Soft Curls

The biggest advantage of a medium length stacked bob cut is that you can style it variously. Grab a curling iron, add loose thick curls to the ends and you’re ready to make a statement.


7. Medium Stacked Layered Bob

A fresh stacked layered bob haircut for a young and graceful look that needs zero maintenance is this one. It is ideal for women who love wearing their straight hair down.


8. Chic Stacked Bob with Multiple Layers

short stacked layered bob

An ultra-modern layered hairstyle with bangs for a woman who dotes on layers for an extra rich volume. Looks wonderful on a woman who has naturally blonde hair. If you’re in your mid-20s, you should consider it.


9. Classic Round Graduated Bob

It’s almost impossible for a woman in her 40s to choose from a plethora of hairstyles. This is the age you want to defy the rules and carry over the flamboyance. For all the woman over 40, this is a low-maintenance, voluminous round layered stacked cut bob hairstyle that’d flatter you.


10. Short Blonde Hair with Bangs

stacked layered bob for blonde hair

Most of the woman get their hair chopped off to fight off the summer heat and keep their hair away from the neck. While that doesn’t suit the round faces and heavy hair, angled stacked bob with layers at the back helps to create a suitable alignment of the cut and length according to your face cut.


11. Short Inverted Bob with Messy Curls

medium length stacked layered bob

Wish to carry a hot mess around? Go for a medium layered stacked bob and add full curls to your hair for an absolute bravura look. Curls add an explicit vigor to the layers.


Now you must have realized that stacked layered bob hairstyles are stylish, and they look drop-dead gorgeous on women of all ages. Whether your hair is meager and difficult to deal with, this hairdo is certain to turn into your top pick. Invest your time to think about the shade of your new weave. The mix of a stacked layered hairdo and a cutting edge ombre or fuller highlights will make you look genuinely unique and grandeur.