Spotted Hollywood & Bollywood Stars at the Airport

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Omg! Airport Celebs spotting is so exciting. Here is a list of Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities spotted at the airport. From ugly and bad to good and the best… we have it all here. Have a look.

Saif Ali Khan


Let’s begin with the ugly first, and heading the list is Saif Ali Khan. No, Bollywood actor turns up as causally like him. Well, you may think it could be a day’s mishap … if yes… have a look at the next pic.


Oh! What did I see? Even the Nawab of Pataudi does repeat clothes (thank god)!


Pointy leather shoes with a repeat track pants! Really?

Salman Khan


Travelling in track pants is a big no-no regardless of how popular you are.  You just can’t pair them up with flip-flops. My message for the aviation minister is to ban track suites while any celeb is flying.

Hrithik Roshan


Hrithik’s airport style is a bit plain and sloppy. His blue denims are always out of shape and so ill fitting, then comes his foot wear, which are always ready for a 100 m sprint even while in a party mood.


Again some glance of him! The sporty look is just not happening… right?

John Abraham


His army shorts and white ganji make him look as if he is going for a shower. His flip flops made me run down a rabbit hole.

Imran Khan


His outfits make him appear like a man in 40’s! There is nothing peppy and catchy about his style. Common Imran you are just in 20’s… dress lil funky dude!

Shahid Kapoor


Now, something like this is worth seeing…  This is what called dressing up according to the age. I love his lowers and tee. So, peppy and classy!

Ranbir Kapoor


I personally love Ranbir’s blue denims… they fit him so well. Isn’t he in the rock star look?


I know we all want some more of this hot hunk. His style is so cool, comfy and effortless. Love you Ranbir.

The A Trio


It seems white shoes are in this season. I loved Arjun Ram Pal’s brown leather jacket and the leather bag too. Arbaaz seems DABANG in his navy blue jacket. I salute Mr. Bachchan for experimenting with his look at this age. He looks macho indeed.

Akshay Kumar


The khiladi of all the season seems very much passionate with checks. He looks so very hot in check shirts and well fitted jeans.

Sharukh Khan


The badshaah of Bollywood looks like a perfect gentleman when he flies down to another city. I love his aviator style.


Some more of his aviator style with black jackets.

Priyanka Chopra


Priyanka flaunts her lovely long tresses with her unmatched style and her ever perfect dresses.

Deepika Padukone


Miss Padukone seems to be very obsessed with her glasses. She puts them on even while she is travelling. We love her gorgeous hair too.

Katrina Kaif


Seems Katrina is obsessed with the colour black while she is out for travelling.  She should mix and match with different shades too.

Bipasha Basu


The bong beauty looks fit and fabulous. Her long boots make her look elegant. Isn’t it?

Aishwarya Rai

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Seems like she has forgotten to dress up after she became the new b –town mommy. Right?

Anushka Sharma


anushka 1

With her ever green smile, she looks absolutely refreshing like mint.

Sonam Kapoor


Sonam never goes wrong when it comes to dressing. Be it the airport or the red carpet. The gal knows to travel in great style.

Now, some Firangi Tadka.

Taylor Swift


Hope, she is carrying an extra pair of stockings in the guitar bag for emergencies.

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham

We all know that this lady never goes wrong when it comes to fashion.

Emma Stone

emma stone

Ahan! Double denim… nice and tricky style. Probably, she didn’t get time to blow down her hair.



Her leather biker and her look at me glasses, make her look super stylish down the terminal.

Katy Perry


Her jazzy shirt makes her look very clumsy and casual. A big no!

Selena Gomez


Perfect accessories … but we won’t rate her scarf too high on our fashion scale.

Nichole Scherzinger


She definitely knows how to flash her sexy cleavage in public.

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman

Well, I can see the efforts she has put in carrying her dog, which lead the wardrobe malfunction.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

Leather trousers while you are flying? Brave guy!

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba

She looks as fresh as a daisy. Classic!

Kristen Stewart

kristen stewart

This gal knows to flaunt her flying outfit with a super cool beanie.

Kelly Rowland

kelly rowland

Full marks for her, harem pants and cat eye sunnie.

Diane Kruger


Ahan! Two designer handbags…  Enough to show off!!

Rita Ora


I wish she could take care of her zip. Lol!

Lady Gaga


Another wardrobe malfunction!

Kylie Minogue

k Minogue

Seems she is in a holiday mood with her cute hat and relaxed tailoring.

Jessica Simpson


Her oversized scarf will save her from the chilly weather in flight.

Miranda Kerr


She very much knows the style flying mantra.



Nothing is comfier than a maxi kaftan.

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