Sony’s Camcorders that Could See Through People’s Clothes! No Kidding!

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Yes! You heard it right! It happened back in 1998. And, it wasn’t a malfunction in a couple of cameras; there were 7, 00,000 of those cameras with a technology that could see right through your clothes.


The camcorders had unique lenses that used infrared radiation, which could see through some special kinds of clothing, like dark over light or thin fabric, such as swimsuits, etc. It basically depended upon how the material absorbed IR light. The function wasn’t available in normal digi-cams, but camcorders with a night vision.

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It’s believed that Sony recalled the camcorders as soon as they found out about it. But it turned out later that the night vision camera they sold afterwards too had this option, although it needed a little modification to be able to see under the clothes. People who figured out how to modify the camera’s night vision have put those cameras to all kind of uses, not to forget the wrong purposes! Such modified cameras are still for sale on the internet. It comes for $ 700, and is quite easy to obtain!

Just wondering if Sony accidentally sold these or was it a publicity strategy!

Here’s a video that shows just how one can see through your clothes using the night vision camera.