Some Words Not To Be Spoken In Front Of Your Superiors

Your boss holds an important place in your professional life. He/she designs your career. The relationship you maintain with your seniors is correlated to your growth and success. So, be tactful while communicating with your boss.


Here are some things that you should never converse to your boss.

1. “This Job Doesn’t Come Under My Purview”

Your boss always wants you to do whatever is asked of you. Your superior knows your qualifications very well and he/she might want to improve your skills for some higher position. So, even if you are assigned work that is not a part of your job description, never refuse to do it. Instead of making excuses, always remain prepared to shoulder duties beyond your existing ones.

2. “You Are Wrong”

Boss is always right! Never indulge in absurd discussions with your boss. If you are not agree with your superior on any point, rather than saying “You are wrong”, put forward your ideas by saying, “You might be right, but we can also take/do it in this manner….”

3. “I Have Always Done It This Manner”

Your new boss wants you to come up with new ideas. Whenever your superior asks you to carry the work in a new style, never make excuses- “But, I have always done this work this way.” This shows that you are not interested in taking initiatives or learning novel methods of work.

4. “I Don’t Know”

Sometimes, your boss asks you such a question, the answer of which you don’t know. Never say, “I don’t know.” Instead, reply this manner, “I will find it out right away.”

5. “It’s Impossible”

Always act as a problem-solver. Instead of saying, “We can’t get it done by Monday,” say, “We could definitely get it done by Wednesday.” Always speak to your boss in terms of possibilities.

6. “I Want To Add You On My Facebook Account”

Facebook provides you the liberty to share everything with your friends. Sometimes, you express your office frustrations by posting on the social sites. You might share some negative aspects of your workplace with your friends. But, if you’ll add your boss on your facebook account, it means end of your liberty!

7. “I Need A Salary Hike”

A request of salary hike should always be supported by facts of what you have accomplished for the company. Also, collect information about the people who shoulder the similar responsibilities with you and their earnings. Don’t demand a salary raise without contributing in organization’s success.

8. “It’s Not My Fault”

Avoid blaming others for your mistakes. Accept your fault and learn from it. Assure your boss that you’ll never repeat such mistakes in future. “It’s not my fault” sound haughty and indicates that you don’t take your work sincerely. If you are erroneously held responsible for a problem, try to handle it by saying, “Let’s get to the underside of the matter” or “How can it be corrected?”

9. “I Can’t Work With X”

Is your colleague frustrating you? Has it been difficult for you to work with him/her? Now what will you do? What….you’ll go to your boss and make him clear that you can’t work with X! Wait….don’t say this to your superior. It will reflect your negatively. Tell your senior this way, “I find it difficult to work with X because of………(explain the reasons). Do you have any suggestions on how I can work smoothly?”

10. “I Forgot To Do This Work”

Never make silly excuses for a work not done on deadline. If you are unable to complete the task within the given timeframe, inform your boss in advance, so that he/she can keep a plan B ready.