Some Bits and Pieces for a Useful housekeeping

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Every home is diverse, so are the housekeeping needs. But there are some basic items, which are imperative for a good housekeeping. Here is the checklist of these stuffs.

Litter Bins

Instead of accumulating the garbage in the corner of the house, collect it in a litter bin and hurl it every day. Litter bins of different sizes and designs are available in the market. Choose one according to your requirement.

Tip- Buy a litter bin with a lid. It keeps away flies from hovering.

Floor Duster and Mop Set

Use floor dusters and mops for smooth floorings. These are useful for getting scratch free cleaning. Floor dusters are available in all lengths. These are easily washable as well as durable. No back ache- the biggest benefit of using them!

Air Fresheners

Use  air fresheners for getting refreshing and soothing effect. Market is cluttered with non-toxic and eco-friendly air fresheners with various fragrances. These are offered in 2 forms- cubes and sprays. Automatic areosol dispensers  are also available, in which you can adjust the spray intervals. These are also refillable.

Naphthalene Balls

Keep insects and moths away from clothes by using naphthalene balls. These balls have natural fragrance. Put them in bathrooms and washbasins and keep a check on stink.

Door Mats

A door mate at the entrance of the house helps in trapping the mud, dust and dirt. These are also helpful in retaining the moisture. There are various types of door mates, like coir mates, PVC door mates, rubber mates, etc. They are available in various colors, size and designs.

Tissue Papers and Roles

Use tissue papers in your kitchen and washrooms for maintaining hygiene. It can also be used for absorbing spills and blowing nose. These are available in various sizes and shapes.


You can use wipers for cleaning watery floor. These are light weight and easy to use.

Angled Broom

Use angled brooms, instead of corn brooms for sweeping dirt and dust from floors, in an effective manner. The synthetic bristles are durable and don’t shed easily.

Always keep these items in your house and get your cleaning done, just in a very less time.