Sohonet India : Truth Unveiled

While bringing up frequent advantages of this context, this too becomes our liability to make our readers attentive about the scams which might also trap you. Advertisements in newspapers offering for work at home possibly appear striking, however the reality is contrary. Jumping into these unknown notions may cost you an expensive and troublesome situation. So, we bring you a scam which has really cost a great deal for many expectants. Additionally, has given us intent to present it as an episode to open your eyes and to get out of the illusion.

A person named Sripathi Guruprasanna Raj (52) was arrested by Mumbai police, Cyber Crime Cell of Crime Branch, C.I.D. He was the managing director and chairman of a company called Sohonet India Private Ltd. in Chennai.

Many plaintiff associated with the firm in Mumbai had protested to the Cyber Crime that the corporation has deceived them by charging a sum of Rs. 4,000-6,000 by assuring them a monthly earnings of Rs. 15,000.

In order to entice the claimants, the company used its website and other multiple newspapers ads coupled with the seminars conducted in Metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, etc. Their major target was computer literate individuals to lure them with their tricky schemes. The firm then charged Rs. 4000 to 6000 to register them in order to give those innocent applicants a guarantee of home based employment and attractive salary. To fool the others, some of the applicants were given a home-based data entry work and others were told to still wait.

Poor people worked perpetually within the allotted time period. But, while submitting their hard work to the company, they’re not given their payments even after constant appeal. Among the total number of workers i.e. 18,000 only 1200 people were reimbursed. The rest are still waiting for their re-compensation. Other culprits involved in this manoeuvre were also arrested.

However, it still leaves a question to those who’ve believed in the advertisements in newspapers, websites and other sources …thinking…. Is this off beam or insecure to search on it?? If yes, then where should we hunt for jobs and opportunities from?? The dilemma is not to trust but whom to trust. Before giving a single penny think a lot! Unfold all your blind beliefs by reading and educating yourself to get awareness about this issue. Also spread it amongst your friends and colleagues. Hope, this information will prove as an eye-opener for you!