Snugly, Cozy And Yet So Feminine!

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Let’s get straight to the business (ya! Am in a hurry today! Grimace). So here am telling you how to add the supple classy and feminine stroke to your winter wardrobe.

Let’s just face it that we tend to put away the lace, ruffles and all the pretty things which makes the summers brighter for us. Winters are all about dark colors and heavy fabrics. Well, am totally guilty of the crime and so this year is gonna face a lil change in mine and yours wardrobe. Here’s how…

Pop some bright colors instead of the grey and blacks. A yellow trench is just so cute and will brighten up the lil miss sunshine in you!

Scarves are a blessing in disguise. Pair your clothes with patterned, printed, chiffon, cotton, wool scarves. And don’t forget there are so many ways to wear that heavenly scarf!

Do buy a pair of palazzo pants or maxi skirts. The best part you can wear a warm wool legging inside and nobody will know it… and the better part… it looks awesome!

Just because its winters, doesn’t mean you need to stash all your accessories in the closet. A loose printed shirt can accommodate a warm deep necked inner. Throw a stylish bag and some bracelets and you are definitely the stunner!

Carry a standout bright colored envelope bag with a neutral undertone outfit.

No shorts for winters? Hah! Not anymore, bless the leggings. You can get patterned wool leggings as well and they look hot with the riding boots.

Wouldn’t it be nice to wear a bow belt with your trench or pea coat? Hell yeah! You can also just add a bow to any of your winter sweaters to make it more chic like the one in the picture.

They are just too lovely to not wear! Ditch the sneakers and boots on some less cold days.

Some feminine gloves for you, lady? Yeah! Right out of Cinderella’s closet!Last but not the least, a sweep of feminine elegance to your tresses!