15 Small Tattoo Ideas For Guys – Guide 2020

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Your body acts as a blank canvas that can be colored in whatever way you want. The only think to keep in mind is that the canvas can never be cleaned again ever, so it’s important to think it all through. When it comes to tattoos, some people know what they want, others not so much. It is vital to have a clear idea about the tattoo you want engraved onto your skin because you are going to have to see it every day and live with it for the rest of the day. If this is your first time getting a tattoo, then it’s better to get a small one to familiarize yourself with the whole process. We present to you small 15 tattoo idea every man should consider before getting inked.

15 Small Tattoo Ideas For Guys

1- All black neck tattoos

Getting a tattoo on your neck is a very brave thing to do because not many people are okay with exposing their tattoos out in the open. People mostly choose necks when they have a relatively smaller tattoo to get, or

something meaningful. Tattoos that hold a meaning to you are the best ones as they bring back nourishing memories. You can choose from plenty of options if you want a small neck tattoo e.g. a very powerful yet symbolic animal that is very impactful with less ink involved.  You can go for a versatile skull with very basic illustrations that either gives a meaning to life or is a sign of warning and danger. Skulls look great under the ear towards the back neck side. Another great idea is to get a work tattooed on your neck. Choice of word depends on you, it could either be a bold one or a simple word and it can be italicized or colored. If you are a religious person then go for something that holds religious significance in your opinion and get it tattooed in the middle of your back neck.


2- Intricate Chest tattoo

Most men think that only enormous tattoos on the chest can look good, however, believe us when we say it but small chest tattoos look even better. We feel as though the muscular male chest should be reserved for the proudest displays only.  There is a wide variation in the type of tattoo you can get ranging from symbolism or characters that show comical relief. Small animal and nature tattoos are a timeless classic and make quite a statement because of their position. You can choose a spirit animal, a pet or someone you have a deep connection with. Nature-inspired ink can either be simple linework or might have intricate details embellished onto it.  Go for a text as chests are mostly covered. You can say something that you want only specific people to know, rather than the whole word.


3- Minimalized Wrist tattoos

Wrist tattoos should be your go-to if you are looking for elegance and classics at the same time. Similar to a bracelet, it acts as a show-off and as a small canvas for a more impactful message. You can opt for true minimalism that comes off with a simple line design or go for a grandmother tribute, where you get something to signify your ancestors. The most amazing style on a wrist is a neutral compass with its dainty black details. Another cool idea for a small wrist tattoo is a planet.


4- Crown tattoos

Small crown tattoos have been a real trend nowadays. There are two possible ways to move when getting a crown tattoo. You can either have a much-minimalized outline of a tattoo or go with an intricately detailed crown design with details. Hen getting a detailed crown, you should always go to a professional who is ideal for the inking of small designs. Moreover, crown tattoos are perfect for asserting your dominance on someone else and showing them who the alpha male is. Along with a cool crown, you can add your own touch to it that gives it a very specific spark that is only accustomed to you.


5- Tribal tattoos

Most people go for large tribal tattoos that cover the whole arm/leg, but trust us; small tribal tattoos are much more impactful and showcasing worthy. You can fill in all the details even in the small tattoo and make it intricate. They look perfect around the wrist or the ankle and sometimes even the upper arm. Tribal tattoos are generally single-colored i.e. black and have a very straightforward design. They are used to depict a certain belief, ceremony, or social status. The most basic part of a tribal tattoo is that it has numerous lines in it and has gray shading to give it a deeper look.


6- Money tattoo

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Not many people go for a small money tattoo because it comes off as very powerful. Getting a money tattoo is mostly a symbol for hoe self-driven and hardworking you are. You want to be rich enough to get a lot of money. Moreover, it is also a constant reminder and a source of motivation for you to get settled. All in all, it signifies ambition and motivation.


7- Skull tattoos

Deeply loved by the tattoo enthusiasts, a skull symbolizes mortality, immortality, and the gameplay between being alive and dead. Since the beginning of history, skulls have been recognized as vital imposing symbols and consider to have mystical powers as well. Skulls act as a compelling symbol and only brave people can wear a skull all the time with ink. An elegant skull tattoo can overshadow all big tattoos; however, it does require the artistry of a very professional man. You can get a small skull tattoo on your forearm or your chest. It is usually prefer to not get them below the waist, as it might deteriorate its classics with time.


8- Star tattoos

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Star tattoos are lovely and unique. It looks great on every part of your body and is highly recommend for those who are getting them for the first time. They are very small and simple and carry an attractive look that brings out the elegance as well. Honestly, whatever tattoo you want can make into a star and it is no limit to a specific religion or culture. Most of the men prefer getting nautical star when it comes to tattoos because of its association with sea traveling. Moreover, a star tattoo can be molded into whatever you want and is highly flexible as it goes amazingly well with the moon, sun, or different planets. You don’t have to get a star tattoo in only black, but it can also fill with several colors and made to look aesthetic.


9- Music tattoos

Music is something everyone can relate to, but true music lovers take things a step further and get their inspirations tattooed. Most of the time a music tattoo is got relive a certain memory associate with a song, whereas sometimes a certain instrument link to the skin e.g. a mick, a guitar or a drum. A small music tattoo can note of a minimalize piano as well with black ink. They can place anywhere on the body because they are very flexible. However, if you want people to know that you love music then go for an area that is seen often e.g. arms or legs.


10- Feather tattoos

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The next big thing for everyone is the feather tattoos that are incredibly versatile and hold deep meaning. The mere idea of a feather seems very basic but it does hold true depth to it. It could be a symbol for majestic and supernatural things or just the love for birds. It can also consider as an array of freedom and travel in a man, but the significance can only be measured through the engravings. You can either get a soft feather e.g. that of a sparrow that portrays more emotional connection or get something stronger as a hawk’s feather to give off dominance.  For free-spirited men who want to fly, getting a feather tattoo is their best option.

11- Scorpion tattoo

The hottest trend in tattoos has been scorpions, especially because of its significance as the eighth astrological sign. You can either make it very hype realistic or extremely detailed, it is bound to catch all the attention in the world. Only the most skilled tattoo makers can capture the details of a Scorpio and make it come out as perfect.  The scorpion tattoos are beautiful and elaborate with a tough exterior. You can use constellation designs, among many others for applying them and it can place almost anywhere as it looks good from all angles. However, it looks perfect on the forearm, upper arm or chest.


12- Name tattoos

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Inked words are the true definition of being suave because nothing else can compare to a named symbolism. Getting someone’s name tattooed in today’s world in the most significant form of telling the person about your connection with them. Most of the time, the basis of a modern romance is tattooing of the name because these masterpieces are absolutely divine. You can either keep it plain or take it to another level through cursive calligraphy. However, commitment is very vital before getting as a named tattoo and hence you should always think of it beforehand. You can also get a pet’s name or a mother’s name inked on your skin, as long as it represents a deep emotional connection.


13- Owl tattoos

You can hear the hoot of an owl in a starry night, but only they hold the power of truly seeing you. They can look in any possible direction and have a great sense of staying quiet even when very near to their prey. The looking in dark symbolizes the idea of seeing behind illusions and masks or showcases the ability to see someone’s true colors.  It also symbolizes death and fear. You can either go for the eerie eyes look or the natural feather and body design, depending on your choice of tattoo.


14- Comedic tattoos

A woman loves a humorous guy, especially if he himself is fond of his humor as well. The things inked on your skin don’t always have to be sentimental or symbolic; they can just be for a comedy purpose. Sarcasm, satire, and irony can also be a part of your tattoo, and it still won’t lose its impact.  One of the main reasons why fun tattoos are trending is because not everyone gets the meaning behind them. Some left horrified, whereas others are in a fit on laughter. You can get a funny alien tattoo or a smiling animal tattoo that is accompanied by a humorous line.


15- Geometric tattoo

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When it comes to geometric designs, we should keep in mind that big isn’t always better. A small geometrical tattoo will leave a more unforgettable impact. Mathematical figures or circles embedded into each other in a very subtle and understated way. You can go with tons of minute shapes embellished into each other or bows and arrows shooting out of somewhere.