Slipper To Sleep In!

The next time you order something your size, do not forget the decimal!

Well, that is probably the best suggestion Tom Boddingham is giving to everyone. So this 27 year old gentleman ordered a monster design slippers. The guy had requested 14.5 inches shoe for his right foot as it is slightly over sized than his left foot. Poor guy has to wear custom made shoes for his differing shoe size…  The Chinese company misread the 14.50 for 1450. (Freaking no common sense left in the world or is it just china!!!)

As you can see the shoe, which is the length of a family car and Boddingham giggles that he must be the owner of the biggest slippers in the world (if only dinosaurs wore slippers!). The online shipping company monster slippers apologizes (when they must shut their business and hide under some tree), and did not charge extra for the slippers. The spokesperson explains the error (read idiocy) as they thought it was for some shop window display. They are also making up by sending a replacement.

Tom smart-ass Boddingham, however, is planning to sell the monster slipper(In literal terms) online to make a haul out of it. Well…..Smart-ass as I said, but I wonder how good a sleeping bag it’d make!!!

P.S. if this is a PR stunt, I must say it’s a dumb one!