Sizzling Love Link-ups of Gorgeous Divas and Cricket’s Hottest Men

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The connection between Bollywood beauties and cricketers is not a new chronicle in town. It’s been long that cricketers have shown a tremendous interest in our ‘Bollywood Balas’, and this does not come as a surprise to the masses. Cricket and Bollywood are like a religion for many people, and it’s common for both the fields to become a part of the tete-a-tete. Many a times, we have heard the gossip of hot and steamy link- ups between cricketers and Bollywood actresses who made the ‘Big- Bold Headlines’.

Let’s read on to know the association of our handsome Cricketers and the sizzling Bollywood Heroines, who have played the game of love and created a lot of buzzes around.

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1. Sharmila Tagore And Mansoor Ali Khan Patuadi

Sharmila -Tagore- And- Mansoor- Ali -Khan -Patuadi

Let’s start with a successful love story of a gorgeous veteran actress, Sharmila Tagore and India Cricket Test Match Captain of his time, Mansoor Ali Khan. When Sharmila visited Delhi for a shoot, she met Tiger Pataudi through some common friends. When Mansoor Ali Khan fell in love with her beauty and innocence, he proposed her for marriage; Sharmila took four years to get agreed. This couple got married in December, 1969.

2. Neena Gupta And Vivian Richards

Neena- Gupta-And -Vivian -Richards

Neena Gupta and Richard shared an eccentric bond, which is very difficult to understand. While Neena was dating Richard, he was already married, and after knowing the fact, she bore a daughter from him. After few years, they got separated, her daughter ‘Masaba’ stay with her mother Neena.

3. Zeenat Aman And Imran Khan


Yesteryear actress, Zeenat Aman and the Pakistani handsome hunk Imran Khan, who was the shining star of cricket, created heat in the media, with the news of their steamy liaison. However, the affair did not long last, and Imran Khan choose to marry a British Socialite, Jeminiah Khan.

4. Geeta Basra And Harbajan Singh


This hot -headed Punjabi munda, Harbajan Singh and the beautiful Bollywood girl, Geeta Basra dating each other since long-time now, but they never admitted the facts publically. Well, we are waiting when this couple will come ahead to accept their secret dating dramas.

5. Kim Sharma And Yuvraj Singh


Bollywood’s hot actress Kim and Indian Dilphake Cricketer, Yuvraj was one of the many talked couples, in media. It was very common to spot this love-bird Jodi together, but sadly, they broke-up due to some differences. Yuvraj who has just recovered from Cancer, is concentrating in his cricket career, and Kim is living happily with her hubby, Ali Punjabi (who is a wealthy businessman), in Kenya.

6. Isha Sharvani And Zaheer Khan


The dashing bowler of our Indian Cricket team, Zaheer Khan fallen in love with the cute Bollywood actress, Isha Sarvani. After dating for a quite long period, the couple decides to go on their own ways and concentrate on their respective careers.

7. Elizabeth Hurley And Shane Warne

Shane- Warne- and- Liz- Hurley

This Beautiful British Actress, Elizebeth Hurley and the bold Australian Cricketer, Shane Warne created a lot of buzzes in worldwide media, with their cosy association. After taking divorce from their respected spouses, this couple is still in public display for their never-ending romance.