Single Mothers Stormy Characters Played By B-Town Actresses

Nargis Dutt (Mother India)

Ruling the charts, we have remarkable actress Late Nargis Dutt. Playing the character of Radha, as a central character she also became the mother of our country in all its essence. Portraying the helplessness and meagreness of a peasant‘s wife who’s already in debt and striving hard for his earnings, she has given soul to her character.  After the death of her husband, she swallows all the agonies of life along with her two children ‘Briju’ (Sunil Dutt) and Ramu (Rajendra Kumar) whilst tormenting economic and sexual both kind of strains from Sukhilala. Later on ‘Briju’ stressed with all the miseries becomes an insurgent involved in violent deeds.  To preserve the honour of the village, How Nargis being Radha puts an end to Birju’s rebellious activities by shooting him down is commendable to watch. The movies is a blockbuster of its times and yet rememorized because of its concept and performances. This masterpiece was surely couldn’t touch the skies of triumph, without the performance of this divine lady.

Kajol (My Name Is Khan)

How can we forget, in the race of one of the strongest single mother character the role of ‘Mandira’ played by Kajol was tremendous! The story focuses about the consequences faced by inhabitants living in United States after the attack of 9/11.

The character of happy, chirpy Mandira as a divorcee and single mother gives lights to many females. Her absolute madly motherly love bond with his son ‘Sameer’ also takes out the best motherhood from her. While perceiving ‘Rizwan’ an asperger syndrome affected person, a sturdy role played by Shahrukh khan, help her to manage the place in the audiences’ heart.  The outburst of 9/11 also snatches her loving son from the hands of ‘Mandira’ and that takes out the best performance from her. Being lonesome without love and son, she takes a strong decision to fight for her son’s killers, have also left a huge impact on people’s mind.  This today’s strong female fighting for the right, this kind of character took her in our countdown as an example to learn from.

Rakhee (Karan Arjun)

‘Old is Gold’ the same implies for our most fighter actress Rakhee. The role performed by her in the movies Ram Lakhan with a song “mere do anmol rattan” captured the attention of the entire nation at that time.  After being the victim of her husband’s killer Amrish Puri and thrown on the streets with her two sons, she declared vengeance against him. Her determination to punish the culprits with conviction was a must thrilling to watch.  Her struggle of being a single mother in preparing one of his sons Jakie Shroff, to be a police inspector displays her dedication towards her motherliness. The role will surely be on every Indian’s mind till the time we’ll talk about bollywood mothers.

Nirupa Roy (Deewar)

This eternal mother of 70s was an epitome of Hindi cinema, who is absolutely unforgettable with all her performances. Her simple presence with agony and distress used to succeed in taking out tears from the eyes of viewers of that era. She has done 7 movies with Amitabh Bachchan, but her best memorizing character was in Deewar, where she stood against her own son’s illegitimacy.  Though that heart dialogue ‘mere paas ma hai’ was spoken by Shashi, however still people visualize her as a mother who no one wants to impair. This single mother was an idol for females of that instance, till date.  And hence, we salute these single mothers to take the courage to play such characters which enlighten our lives too.

Jaya Bachchan (Fiza & Kal Ho Na Ho)

Though the lady was outstanding as a mother in many movies but she has rejuvenated herself and the responsibilities of a single mother in the movies like ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’ and ‘Fiza’both. Though both the concepts were distinct but she took all collective appreciation. She was a central character loved by every child. Her strong and intellectual role of an understanding mother who has sacrificed her own esteem to brought up her late husband’s illegitimate girl child, make her an idol to worship in the movie ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’. Whereas her sweet and loving ‘Muslim mom’ character in the film ‘Fiza’ in some scenes made her successful to take out tears from our compassion. The female’s guts to choose such character and justify them with all dignity has made us to give a tribute her for sure.

Whenever we’ll look up to see, how our ‘bollywood single moms’ have fight against various miseries, we’ll find a galore of examples from these everlasting divas. These roles have been an inspiration for not only our Indian single mothers, but also for all those mothers, who at some point have thought to give up.