Single Moms and Sex Urges: Is Anything Bad in it?

Why not??? My answer would be you’re single, not lifeless!

Well actually we live in world of hypocrites who don’t own the courage to face the actual truth prevailing in our society. Handling your motherhood all alone, dealing with their norms and replying the squawky questions of people, in fact justifies your needs more. But that doesn’t push you to go on for a random walk with a stranger.  When you’re single, most males take you for granted as an easy prey to achieve their target. Juggling with the kids responsibilities at the same time rushing for outer errands is understandable. Nevertheless it does not indicate that your sex life have gone for a toss. You have to be sure and reassure while stepping into another relationship.

With a smart grilling and eyeball, it’s pretty much possible to have a safe and sound sexual and emotional relationship with the person approaching you.

Don’t Put A Label On

Mostly single moms are perceived with accepted wisdom as a devotee to their kids and family (in-laws, if any) in fulfilling their requirements. Our civilization gets shilly-shally when it comes to discuss their sex lives. If a single mother continues her sex life with her choice, she is deprecated as a bad or low esteem female. In fact the reality is quite contrary. As such mothers are more conscious about their kids and their proper upbringing as not letting them affected with the dirt of society. Hence, being a single mom shrug off the veil of culpability before getting indulged in the forth coming sex life. To raise your kids with a parenting filled with zeal and conviction, it’s essential to get all the nuisance and gloominess away from you. Be always ready to seize the positive attributes of life. Don’t give up, keep your answers ready!

Health Comes First

‘Use protection every time you have sex’! That’s something you already know it and follow too. But also ensure you take a latex condom every time you go for it. Be careful from acquiring chronic disease and unwanted pregnancies.  If you’re looking for testing than go for it jointly, before getting into the relationship. Discuss everything regarding your health before it’s too late and you have already shared your bed with him.  Try to be in shape and don’t ever lose any concern for your health. Exercise is essential for mental and physical harmony. If you know this, then the time is right to follow it strictly. Remember for men your inner and outer both appearances matters a lot, moreover it’s not only about your life your kids are also associated with you.

Complications Will Come

It’s quite possible after getting much involved in this sexual chaos, it can get cluttered. Your partner asking for more may irritate you at times whereas you’re looking for his shoulder to lighten up. Re-tell all what is extreme and fine with you also set some boundaries if required so.

Never assume it’ll be a joy ride that never ends! So, be prepared if you’ve to walk out of the relationship (vice versa) and staying away from any drama. Keep yourself protected from the possible coming impact of emotional turmoil.

If you really look for getting into a relationship then be very clear with what your wants are. It’s up to you whether you just want to satisfy your sexual needs or enjoy the emotional hiccups. After your immediate separation, don’t fall for someone who is nothing but just wants to get laid. Also if you prioritize sex, again might take you to erroneous belief leading to multiple consequences, which for sure no mother would like to face. So be it your desire to have sex or your temptation to get a beautiful relationship, all what we can say, right things happen at the right time. Getting smarter with your experiences is better than be desperate.